Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saving the stockpile from the kids.

When I first started to stockpile I got a great buy on Cheezits and thought wow we will have a supply for two months. Well, what did my kids do? They ate three boxes in a week. I was furious so I came up with an idea to make the supply last. When I come home with multiple packages of some snack I know they like, I take a Sharpie and mark each package across the front with a date one week apart. Now the kids know if that date hasn't arrived yet, they cannot open the package yet. My husband doesn't abide by the rule but he rarely snacks so we make an exception for him. Hope this helps some of you to preserve our precious stockpiles.


Jen said...

Passing through from the UBP '10! Wanted to thank you for stopping by and showing the comment luv to my blog over the weekend. Have a terrific week!

Jen said...

I am here from the UBP! I can SO relate to the snacking and kids. One reason we do not do that is for that reason you mentioned. But I love the tip you had. Thank you for that!! We will see how it goes.

Happy Blogging!