A few things I've learned

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've learned a few things on my recent couponing journey:

1. Coupons are great. They truly are like money and I take good care of them.
2. Couponing takes time. Time to clip, time to hunt deals, and extra time when you are shopping. At least for me.
3. You must read the coupon/and or tags carefully. I've blown plenty a deal by not buying the right amount or item. And then you've wasted your coupon too.
4. To snag all the deals is impossible for me. Right now I am mainly using CVS, Walgreens, and Target and of course the grocery store, but I don't even go into Rite Aid which is super close to my house because I just don't have enough time.
5. Couponing can be messy. Even though I have a designated space in my closet to store all my cpning stuff, I still seem to have piles on my dining room table. I am coming up with ways to sort of store what I am working on but it is taking time to figure out a good system.
6. UUgghh! Make sure you do separate transactions when you are going to be submitting for rebates. Just yesterday I forgot to do this and will not be able to submit one of my rebates.

I'm still learning but I will never go back to not couponing. I will take breaks which I did last week but it saves so much money. Any comments on how to do any of the above better are greatly appreciated. I am still learning and checking other blogs to see how the pros do it.

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jackie said...

I agree! I love couponing, but it is definitely time consuming and messy. I'm always looking for time to get organized. As for the messiness, I now put all my coupons in a drawer until I'm ready to file them in my organizer. I keep them in alphabetical order in case I need to go through them real quick before running to the store.

I, too, stick to CVS, Walgreens and Target. I coupon at my grocery store too, but the most I manage to save there is about $30. I guess that's something, right?

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