Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Want an organized Christmas this year?

For years I have used the schedule and ideas from what I think is the greatest Christmas website called Organized Christmas. It has so many resources from a very detailed house cleaning and Christmas prep schedule to a more simplified schedule for the holidays that has weekly assignments to help spread out the chores, shopping, wrapping and baking duties of Christmas. I use the more simplified plan but have used the other in past years.
You can sign up for e-mail prompts and messages to help remind you of your weekly Christmas assignment. I love this plan as it helps me to have more free time around the holidays as I complete Christmas shopping, wrapping and card prep early in the fall. Check it out as it is a Christmas stress reliever.

1 comment:

slugmama said...

I am off to check this xmas site out....thanks!
Anything you can do to simply the Holidays is all good in my book. 8-)


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