Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Fun!

We were able to take a trip to a beloved pumpkin patch that we used to go to when our 19 and 16 year old were toddlers. To now take my two year old there so many years later was a real treat and besides making me feel a little melancholy, it was so fun to see it thru a two year old's eyes.
It has gone a little commercial since the old days, but the animals made it very fun for my little one.
As we left a storm was rolling in and we could hear thunder in the distance. So fallish for So. Calif. where October can be down right hot.
I love these pumpkins. Anyone know what they are called?

 Now she's thinking this is a pumpkin her size.

 I am not kidding when I say that was the biggest pig I have ever seen.
 A wonderful furry breed of Scottish cattle.

This was the funniest thing. These goats walk along all these ramps way up high into little houses. They were all peaking out of windows.

We left just as a storm rolled in. I love October.


Judith said...

what a fabulous day out especially to see it through the eyes of a child :) Judith (ps I am now your newest, if there is such a word, follower) Judith

Carol said...

It is such a delight to see things through a little one's eyes!

cherry said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!
What fun. love all the different types of pumpkins..
hugs from Savannah, Cherry

Linda said...

October has been great here in Southern California...That is quite the pumpkin patch...I love the goat houses...too cute and your daughter is very adorable!

Olive Cooper said...

Those mountain goats are cute as is your child!

Donnie said...

Those were beautiful photos. Looks like you all had so much fun. I'm glad I got to see them. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.