Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Frugal Challenge Update

I took Frugal Makes Cents idea of using up leftover holiday food to create meals and ran with it. I took out anything that could be made into supper type food, added some noodles and created our dinner. Here is what I started with:

Left over veggies from our veggie tray, diced ham leftover from Christmas morn and American Cheese all stuck together from the deli tray.
This was more veggies leftover from deli tray and leftover stilton with cranberries thrown on top of a partial bag of spinach in the  crisper drawer.
I melted the cheese with some butter and milk, threw in the ham.
And here you go. Not only edible but actually quite tasty and one of those what I call FREE meals. Not really free but you know it is from food you would have to toss. Now how can I make dinner out of what must be five pounds of leftover cookies. Note to self: next year cut cookie recipes in half. I should know by now that 41/2 c. of flour is going to make heeps of cookies.
Linking to http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for a sort of dinner metamorphasis.

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Precious said...

That is an extremely creative use of lefovers. I bet it was delicious!

If I had that many cookies left over, I would freeze them in manageable amounts and just pull them out over the next few months when you are craving dessert or sweets!

Thanks for the shout out!

slugmama said...

Good job on the leftovers! I planned better this year and pretty much avoided much of any leftover food.
Oh, the cookie problem would be NO PROBLEM here!lolol
I'm with Precious, freeze some cookies for later.