Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frugal Challenge Update and Why I Order Groceries From Amazon

This last week was not very frugal around here with several March birthdays (five) and new tires for one of our cars, but I am still determined to spend as little as possible on groceries and toiletries. I wanted to show you how I bought four bags of coffee and four boxes of cereal and spent $0 out of pocket. If you use Swagbucks, you know you can earn points towards giftcards for searching sites and clicking on several types of daily polls and offers. It takes me a few seconds to use Swagbucks as a search engine and I just have mine set to always bring up my AOL. Randomly, you are awarded points and when they add up to 450 you can cash in for an Amazon $5 e gift card.
I just load my e-cards and when I see good deals, I snag them using my money from Swagbucks.  Hip2Save is great for posting these deals quick. The coffee was on special and there was an additional code that brought my total to under $9. Same with the cereal. Combining a deal and a code brought that total to under $8. I then signed up for monthly auto shipments on each item which reduced my totals further. Once all done I then canceled the auto shipments as you can cancel at any time. I had $15 or more than enough credit in my Amazon account to pay for these items and I drove no where to get them and paid zero out of pocket. Now did I confuse anyone? If you have any questions just ask me but I wanted to share as I love getting anything I know we will use for free. The link is to the right or you can search on your own.

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Cindy said...

Wow! I'd have to say it sounds complicated, but you seem to be able to get it done quickly. And with small kids too! I'm impressed. After I spent 170.00 on groceries today, I told my husband that I was going to work on using coupons, etc. He liked the sound of that.

acorn hollow said...

well I am impressed! I need to get on the ball and figure this out.

Donnie said...

We do the swagbucks and Amazon gift cards but usually let them accumulate since they never expire. Don just bought a TomTom and a few weeks ago I got a DVD I wanted on mine. Didn't even know they carried groceries.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hiya! Thanks for popping by! This sounds like a fun game in addition to a good deal. I used to do something similar when I was raising kids. It gets to be a fun challenge!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I have never heard of this. I am a lost ball in high weeds right now! I am going to re-read your post a few more times, and check out swagbucks.

That is an amazing deal! Wow!!!

Kathy said...

This sounds terrific - I like the idea of not having to drive anywhere! I have to go 30 minutes away to get groceries - that adds up - went last night - woke up this morning thinking I'd left something - calculating whether it'd be worth the gasoline to drive back to get it!!!
Fortunately, my daughter had that particular bag with her things. Whew!
Will surely check Swagbucks out! Do you get referrals credits?

Brenda said...

I'm enjoying Swagbucks. Bought a great Christmas present for my husband using the Amazon card, and hadn't started doing Swagbucks but a couple of months before Christmas. This year, I'm shooting for most of our Christmas being 'bought' with Swagbucks!

Kathy Martin said...

Amazon is also a great resource for over-the-counter vitamins and supplements. You can set your order up as a repeat order and your supply of supplements arrives at your door just in time as your previous bottle empties. It is a great money and time saver.

Janet said...

Great post Elaine. You are the feature in this weeks #simplesaturdaysbloghop!

You are also pinned on the #fabulous5 blog hop pinterest board!

Lexie said...

If you buy Amazon Prime all shipping is 2 day and free. I buy all my supplements and hard to find food items on Amazon. I also find great deals there on electronic and electronic accessories. I find it reasonable and you save gas. I have friends who now shop all non perishables through Amazon with prime. I will try Swagbucks but it sounds time consuming.