Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm a Weather Junkie

I admit it. I am a nerd. A weather junkie I am. Maybe because we don't have much weather here in the SoCal region. My dad loved the weather, so maybe I inherited my love of it from him. Nothing stirs me more than a dark and brooding sky. We do have lots of sunshine here, so to me it is a treat to go indoors and snuggle up for a good rain storm. I love the Weather Channel and when they do big weather stories, I am watching. It fascinates me. It can be so damaging and beautiful at the same time. That is the power of mother nature.

Yesterday out my front windows.

But give me a little break in the rain and I am outside visiting my flowers. True I visit them at least once a day.

To see what's new and what might need a little pruning.

I really need to replant this pot to match its sister on my patio but I haven't had the heart to tear out this lovely  snapdragon. Today is the day though. I will dig a huge amount of soil up and move her to the garden.

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Becca's Dirt said...

I love stormy weather too. People think I'm a little off in the head because I like thunderstorms. They can be frightening as I've witnessed a tornado in my neighborhood some years ago. That's more than I want to see but still love storms. Pretty blooms and I love your container gardens.

Kay K said...

I cant wait for our weather to be nice enough to plant my flowers .. I am a weather watcher and flower gardener it !!!

jenny said...

i sooo wish i were as good with my plants. i cant keep anything that doesn't let me know their thirsty. hehe

M. said...

But look how beautiful it is to have almost no weather. Here in the North...we have too much :)


Mimi Sue said...

I come from a long line of farmers so weather is always something to watch and enjoy. Your transferware is gorgeous and your flowers are so beautiful. I'm so impressed with your husband's collections! It's amazing. When they have a hobby it keeps them out of trouble! Well, mostly. Mimi

Diane Writes said...

I live in the Philippines and most of the time it's sunny and the temperature is high here. In effect, I appreciate those rare instances that it is raining. Rain melts down the temperature and gives me a good sleep. hehehe The only disadvantage I see in raining is the hassle of going outdoors and commuting. To some extent it causes flooding in some areas.

I love the flowers you have shared. It so relaxing to look at, just enough to refresh me after a stressful day. :)

Dayle said...

What a fun post. I, too, find weather most interesting and love a good rainy day.

Your flowers are so pretty. I'm anxious to get out and dig in some dirt really soon.

Renee said...

I live in Oklahoma and we have amazing spring weather and thunderstorms. I LOVE to look at the sky right before a huge storms blows through!

Jenny said...

My husband is also a weather junkie! Love the little blue bird in your flower pot...and pansies always makes my heart go 'awwwww'.