Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frugal Update and How are High Gas Prices Affecting You?

Well, we are back at these ever increasing gasoline prices. It kills me what I have to spend to fill a mini-van up. $80 yesterday. We have three cars because we have a daughter in college who thankfully helps some with the gas but we still pick up the majority. My husband has a Ford Focus we bought last year to commute in and that car gets driven whenever it is home to help save on fuel. I think it will only get worse as we head into the summer driving season.
So what is everyone doing to save a little on gas? I have really curtailed my bargain/coupon shopping so some of our stockpiled supplies are running low. I can't justify spending even a gallon of gas to get a free tube of toothpaste. I am now only couponing when I know I will be in the same area running other necessary errands. With my kids on spring break, we really stayed home quite a few days. I managed to go 13 days between fill ups but this is not normally possible.
We have kept the tires inflated and followed the other recommendations to increase fuel mileage. I fear it is driving other prices up as well. Food is following along and was already going up. Now, I can imagine it will rise further. As my husband says, "Something has got to give." We haven't quite come up with a game plan, but these rising prices will be forcing a lot of us to make some cut backs on other areas of our lives. I suspect more days spent at home especially when summer roles around.
Tomorrow I have to get my car smogged so I will hit the grocery store and Walgreens across the street to combine trips.

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acorn hollow said...

I am with you on this. We do not have kids at home anymore but the gas is awful. I drive only 10 miles a day for work and try to tie in groceries or any other errands. My husband drives about 45 milse a day. We have cars that are paid for and not very good on gas but if we should trade them in how much gas do I buy before I recoup my investment? Groceries I try to make meals that I can take to work for lunch or reuse something in the meal to make another meal. I will not be driving miles and miles for yard sales. My thirifting has to be on my way to and from something.
while I think that gas is gouging I think this is a good lesson for us in the 70's we had gas ration and lowered the temps in the house.
well I could go on but enough the gas prices are awful.

Sweet Meanderings said...

While we are in Florida we're stuck with only our diesel truck to drive - not a good mileage vehicle. I've been hopping on the old bicycle to make trips to the grocery store. I can't carry as much, but it really makes me think about what I need. We'd like to get a small car to drive around here but they are being snapped up!

Simple Wife said...

I try to shop once a week only.
Usually when my hubby drives into town, so that we can use the trip for more than one reason.
We are in Australia and it costs us around $80 to fill up our car too.

Willow said...

We have always tried to conserve whenever we can since My Hubby is the only one who works, but it is getting harder. We do not go many places in the vehicle now. When we do we try do all our running around in as few trips as possible. When cooking I save more leftovers than I use too and when doing laundry, no more small loads. Save and do full loads. It can be fun at trying to save money if you look at it that way.

Gabriela Delworth said...


Of course it's even more expensive here.

~ Gabriela ~

Regina from The Queenly Abode said...

We have stopped running to the store to get just one item. Also I am grocery shopping every other week and going ahead and cooking meals and freezing them. We are averaging spending $120.00 a week on our 2 cars (mine is a mini van) for gas, most of the time I can go 1 1/2 weeks on a tank if I watch it. I have also started making my own bread, laundry soap and some cleaning supplies.

Regina said...

of course it is......... here in germany is the same.
greetings regina

Debby said...

It is getting to the point that there isn't much more we can do to cut corners. I don't drive far to work but my husband does. I have Celiac so my groceries are double. That stinks as well.

blessedmom's simple home said...

We're fortunate that everything is close by for us, but it still seems like we spend a fortune on gas. My husband only has a 6 mile drive to work, and then drives a company vehicle all day, so that helps. The food prices have affected us though, and I have to consider that in everything I buy.

Dina said...

It is difficult. We own our own business, but it is 40 miles from our house, so we carpool whenever possible, but we aren't always both at the shop. I am still couponing and fortunately the bulk of my stockpile is well set (have enough of most everything to last 6 to 9 months or more). It hurts, but as we have paid attention to what is happening, we are fairly well prepared. But, geez, the gas flat HURTS!

Maria said...

I have made it a point to stay local. I don't make a trip that will take me over 5 miles away from home. This way, I don't have to fill the tank in both cars until the end of the month.

Thanks for sharing...I found you through Erika's lovely place :)


Homegrown Family said...

Gas prices are a killer, I agree. We have curtailed a lot on our driving. I have heard it is only going to get worse too.

Thank you for linking to plain and simple Wednesday I have enjoyed my visit today.


Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

The gas prices are ridiculous! We try to conserve our gas and not go too many places except for around town. Thanks so much for participating in Follow Me Wednesday!

Jeff and Tamara said...

Good things to consider. I am home most of the time. Our 15 passenger van is driven once a week. My husband drives 25 miles to work one way. He used to car pool..people were often late and then he decided he needed that extra time to listen to teaching tapesand pray. We're wondering what summer prices will be like.
Shopping locally has saved us money AND time. The nearest wal-mart, Penneys or K-mart is 45 miles. I am content and feel good about supporting smaller, private businesses locally.

Diane Writes said...

Hello! I think the last action you mentioned will help. Combining trips can save you from consuming gasoline.

I live in the Philippines and you see we share the same problem too. Oil price hike is a never ending problem here. Aside from car owners, commuters are likewise affected by this problem. Increase in transport fare also affects even those commuters who don't maintain any vehicle.

You are not alone in this problem my friend!