Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

I love to create morning breakfast out of leftovers from the fridge. This morning we had a small piece of steak, one baked potato and some mushrooms. Scrambled them up with some eggs.

Topped with chives from the garden and a perfect skillet breakfast.

A few highlights from yesterday. If anyone could enjoy a birthday, it is our little one. She loved and gasped at everything she received. But this new bike from grandma and grandpa was a huge hit and I caught her expression.


Things are always very wild around here. The noise level is amazing. Yes, we are crazy. My hubby here playing with the bubble gun. I was trying to avoid them and to get a picture in. Oh well. It is real life.
There is rarely a perfect family portrait. Some dog is always running in the frame or no one is looking.
Happy Sunday!! We are off tonight for a rare night out with grown ups. I am tired from yesterday. Can you say nap?


Cozy Little House said...

She looks so happy with her present! Oh, I remember those tired, tired years. When you'd give just about anything for some good old shut-eye!

Bonnie said...

What beautiful three year old! What a creative breakfast...yummy!

Cindy said...

Your little girl is darling! Three is such a great age, isn't it? Of course, I think they all are! The breakfast you made looks very good. My husband is the breakfast maker here. I'm not a morning person and he likes to do it. And her likes to use what we have on hand. More power to him!

Lois' Lifelines said...

Yummy breakfast and ADoraBLe 3 year old who really loves her bike.

Shug said...

Stopped by for a visit...
Such a sweet family and I love the look on your cute birthday girl..Sweet wishes for her BDay!

How creative your were to come up with a great looking breakfast...

Cindy said...

Oh my, what a sweetie! She is adorable! Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments! Hope your week is wonderful. :)

Mimi Sue said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable little one! She certainly is cute. I do the same thing with my leftovers. We call them skillets. Sometimes we put the mixture in a flour tortilla with some salsa. Great way to use up food that might otherwise be thrown away. Mimi

Simple Wife~Trish said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little daughter - looks like a fun day for everyone :-)
Breakfast looks delicious too!
My dad used to call such meals "YMCA" - Yesterday's Meat Cooked Again, lol!

Regina said...

yummie breakfast!!!
happy birthday to your sweet little girl!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Your daughter looks just like you (beautiful)! And your hubby is very handsome. :-)