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Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Thanksgiving

Today I cleared out all of the fall decor. Every last bit was tucked away in their boxes and hubby put them away in the garage. I have yet to get out the Christmas decor and I have to admit something. I am liking the cleaned out less cluttered look of my house and almost hate to admit that I don't want to clutter it up again with the Christmas decorations. What is happening to me? This is so not me.
 I don't like this feeling. I want to be so excited to get the Christmas stuff out. Usually we do it the first weekend in December so maybe I am rushing myself from the usual routine. Every day full of errands and running kids here and there and doctors appointments. You just crave time to do nothing.  Today I watched and napped through two Doris Day movies. Heavenly. Tomorrow we will do a little Christmas shopping. Didn't go anywhere near a mall today. No way. This has been the first time hubby has had a day off in ten days so we try to squeeze in a little shopping because December is always a busy time for his department.
Okay, so you all get your holiday decor pictures on your blogs so I get inspired and run out to the garage and grab all my bins and holiday up my house. I am counting on you. My kids will never forgive me if it doesn't look like Christmas barfed in our house. That is their description not mine. 


acorn hollow said...

We have to keep the house super clean and simple. So No decorations this year ok maybe a glass tree. At first I was very disappointed because I collect vintage christmas but for some reason it is ok and the true meaning of chirstmas is rattling around in the house. I love the red and white.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I have a few bins coming out today - but not so much it is barfy -- at least not yet, lol. Elaine I so understand enjoying the simple, uncluttered look - that is January and then ALL of tax season at my house :)


Comeca Jones said...

I love all the little pretties in the window!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I understand. For some reason I am dreading hauling the rubbermaid tubs up from the basement.

PrimHearted said...

I put away all my Fall decor yesterday also and will slowly be bringing out Christmas in the next week. I feel the same as you and would like to keep it simpler this year. Christmas greenery is going to be my main decor I think this year. Your window looks so cute!

Ginger Zuck said...

I'm with you Elaine. Having a hard time myself, but I plan to do a bit this afternoon and tomorrow. Rain and cold moving in, so what better to do I say! But, I don't do a lot about like my fall splahes. It's difficult when there are no kids!! No motivation!! Have a great day, I'm off to work Small Business Saturday, so I may be too exhausted to do much either!!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I felt the same this year. I have so many totes of Christmas stuff. I put up about half yesterday. I was so tired I could barely move. I put something in the middle of my coffee table and told my husband I was done jokingly :) For some reason I'm having trouble getting into the spirit this year. I'm liking the clean uncluttered look these days and this is new to me. Best of luck to you, but I'm sure my house won't be posted for a few more days. I have picked up a couple of good magazines this year, I recommend Better Homes and Gardens, Christmas and Cottage and Bungalows.

Raymond Homestead said...

Christmas barfed in the house!! That's sooo funny, I am going to have to remember that one!
I use to decorate up the ying yang for Christmas, a tree in every room, etc. but the last couple of years I can tell I don't have that strong Christmas drive anymore and I never ever thought I would be like that, must be age. I can remember people saying, they would just put out a little desk top tree and call it good, and I would be mortified!! Now, I'm starting to think it's not such a bad idea!

Molly said...

I packed up all of the fall decor and am waiting for the vast amount of
boxes to be brought down to decorate for Christmas. Seeing your gingerbread has me very excited! My kitchen is completely redecorated in
gingerbread for Christmas! I have a house guest that will be leaving today so after that......! I am very much in the Christmasy decorate your house till it has barfed up Christmas decor mood!!!! ...

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Too funny Elaine. Fall is put away here and Christmas has (barfed) exploded in the dining room. I will share as soon as I have something up! Enjoy a week me the decorating bug will bite! Patty

Cindy said...

Well, Christmas will be barfing in my house soon! My husband has to help me get the boxes out of the attic and then I will spend the next two days at it. When I get started, I get in the mood. And listening to some music. Have a great day!

Diana said...

We have so much Christmas stuff here, too! I won't start putting it up until Monday or Tuesday, although I guess we need to get the Dining Room boxes out today or tomorrow so I can start with those when the time comes. We have a German Advent Calendar that begins Dec 1, with little wooden and felt ornaments that go on a tree, so we need the Dining Room tree (which has no lights, and all natural materials or home-made ornaments) to be ready by Dec 1.

Shelley said...

I pack away everyday decor just to put up Christmas...mainly because I don't have a lot of room but to be honest I have had that feeling of less is more for a while now....I went through every bit of my Christmas decorations and got rid of almost half.....and only left two tubs out to display...then last night I went through those two tubs and sent one back to the storage....Can't wait to see your home beginning to look a lot like Christmas....put on the Christmas music,make you a cuppa coco,bring out the holly...that feeling will come :)

Shug said...

I love the "Barfed in our house" statement...I'm laughing!
I so want to bring out my stuff, but new floors are coming Monday and our home is still a mess...Yikes! Hope to get some things done soon..

Rhonda said...

That's an interesting description there at the end. LOL

Cozy Little House said...

I'm slowly but surely dragging mine out. Tree has been up for two days and not an ornament to grace it!

Leslie said...

Elaine! I am loving your Christmas decor in the window! Our holiday decor tastes are so similar!! I have already put most of mine out, b/c we're going to be gone traveling for most of the Christmas season and I want plenty of time to enjoy all the Christmas! I have been like you before, too. Give yourself a couple days and a good old fashioned Christmas movie to help get you in the spirit! I can't wait to see your house all finished!!!
Leslie :)

deb said...

I really have to admit I hate taking down my fall decor and putting up Christmas.....but I will be doing that today. I usually do it the first weekend in Dec. but Im doing a show next weekend and I wont have time. This year I plan to be a bit more simple...I tossed a ton of Christmas stuff when I moved..... I will try to post pics this weekend:)

Gen said...

I, too, am getting the Christmas decorations out and getting busy. We have guests coming next weekend and wanted to get the decorating done before that. It takes sooo much time, so I will do a little each day. Love your kitchen window sill and I especially love the gingerbread. I also decorate with gingerbread.

The Rosegarden in Malevik said...

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It is fun :)
HÃ¥kan ( The Roseman)

iSavortheWeekend said...

I did the same thing too and I am pooped. Decorating used to be easier. The only thing going through my mind as I brought decorations up the basement steps was that I would be making the same amount of trips downstairs when I take them down. Oh well, it's all worth it. I love your style of decorations. So fun to look at and admire :)

Debbie Kay said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way (right this minute), I took all my fall stuff down today and packed it away. I cleaned like crazy cuz I can't bring myself to just put up Christmas stuff without dusting, wiping down, rearranging....well you get it.

I will start bringin out the Christmas bins tomorrow.



Diane Writes said...

Hi elaine! I love the decors in your window. It looks so vibrant, alive and happy. Don't worry that much :) as long as you have your family , i believe everything will be happy and memorable for he season.

Leslie said...

Have fun decorating ~ no stress allowed! I am almost finished but it is sooo much work. I've cut back this year ~ after having such a busy few months I really want to enjoy the christmas season.
Have a fantastic new week.

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

I still have our fall decorations up. The house is quiet now and after a day...maybe two...of catching up on my rest, I'll take them down and get ready to start decorating for Christmas. So you're not the only one :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

*LOVE* your kitchen windowsill. :D I finally got all my autumn decor put up last night, but I have not started on Christmas yet!

Angela said...

I adore watching my Doris Day videos....I picked up three for two dollars at a yard sale a few months back...My house is definitely looking christmas 'barfed'..LOL...We actually will start having our town Christmas light tour happening starting on Wednesday.Buses will be driving by our house for about a Ya,, the 'Griswald's Christmas' is definitely happening here. Officially we turned on our lights outside yesterday...tradition! Blessings.