Monday, January 23, 2012

Are You a Prepper?

This is actually a term that is new to me. I found it researching prices on the internet. A prepper is someone who is driven to prepare for disasters that can leave you without resources for an extended period of time. Some are worried about natural disasters, our countries economic future, terrorist attack or a sudden risen in inflation brought on by a run on the banks or an economic collapse. Some sort of cataclysm that can end our way of attaining food, keeping our house powered and food preserved, utilities running. You get the picture.

My husband and I are fast becoming preppers. Now before you think I have gone off the deep end, let me give you our reasons. I believe at any time we could have a very large earthquake where we live. In the nineties, we had our last big earthquake here. It was sizable and caused a  lot of property damage. Freeways collapsed and we know some people injured. Now that was not a huge earthquake. One of just a slightly larger magnitude could cripple our area. Damaged water lines, loss of power, roads not drivable are all a possibility.

It has been on our hearts for over a year now that we need to really get prepared. About a year ago we had a Mylar balloon hit a line in our backyard which cause a major outage that lasted two days. Because we are campers we had a generator. From our small generator we were able to run a TV, lamp, refrigerator and power are phones and computer. Our neighbors all wondered how we had a light on and our TV running. We saw then how bleak things can become very quickly. Only two days is not a long time but what if it were a week or two? Also, because we are campers we had lanterns and lots of flashlights. We were able to run our propane lantern out front for our daughter coming home late and I was able to take a battery operated lantern to our neighbor who is bed-ridden and had only a flash light and who's helper had gone home for the night. I could not imagine her in the total dark all night with nothing to see with. She was so thankful to have it until the sun came up in the morning.

Anyway, I am going to share with you our journey to become prepared for any disaster, natural or man made. Do you know that grocery store shelves can be completely cleared in a matter of hours. What if trucks cannot get through? We cannot rely on others to care for us or the government to be there if a disaster occurs. We have decided to use some of our tax return this year to begin our survival preparations. I have already started buying more water at the market and I really want to get our pantry stocked for a minimum of a month or more preferably. I want to be able to feed us without outside help for an extended period of time.

I will also share the other steps we are taking to keeping our house running in the event of an emergency. I have a husband that is often very far from home and if something occurred while he was away, I need to be able to hunker down and care for my kids as well as keep them safe until he got home or things returned to normal. We figure it is all money that will be well spent as we will of course eat the food and rotate it but also the peace of mind it will bring is what we are both after. We are both sensible people and if something is on our hearts as this has been, there must be a reason. It is time for action and I am glad we are finally going to complete this task.

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Beth said...

the hubby & i just went through our 1st earthquake about 5 months ago. we were not together. i was home alone & it really scared me half to death. 1st noticed my text messages were not going to the right people. & i could not get through to my parents on the phone. i was frecking out & had no clue what to do about it. i was outside when it all started. raking. very scary. & since then we have had many aftershocks. in VA ... since i've been around we have had a few but only 1 that i remember. & really would not like to remember. i'm always on edge. i can't wait to hear all about it. so excited. i always hear people keep like a 6 month supply of food but really would love to hear details. (:

Buttercup said...

I'm a semi-prepper. After September 11 I had a realization that things can change on a dime. I keep extra water, batteries, canned food all the time. I also have a "go-bag" with papers I would want to take with me in case of evacuation. I have a list of all the folks I work with phone numbers and I carry it all the time. After September 11 we couldn't get into our office for ten days and I needed all the numbers to see if everyone was okay. I've learned a lot of lessons and prepping is good.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I've not heard the word prepper before but I have felt, like you, the need to be prepared. There are so many things that can happen and we would be in trouble quickly. I'm starting to store extra canned goods, pasta and water. I am looking forward to seeing how you prepare and carry out your plans!

acorn hollow said...

when I saw this post I thought about my daughter she buys what she needs only, no back stock. I am the type of shopper I don't want to run out of anything so needless to say we have a fair about in the pantry. We lose power a lot so we have jugs of water in the basement to flush we are on a well. My daughter said that she is coming to my house in case of any issues.
I have had such a hard time leaving you a comment so glad I was able to get in.

Cozy Little House said...

You are very sensible! I remember in East Texas when Katrina hit, and the shelves at groceries started going and then here came buses and buses of victims from the hurricane. I saw then how quickly catastrophe can affect you, even though your town is just the sanctuary.

Olive Cooper said...

I have a lot of food stocked up at one house but not the other. Should buy water however. We have firewood but have no generator. We have given this some thought but could be called semi-preppers.

~Sara said...

Wow! Great idea! You are so organized and prepared. Such inspiration. Back East we had a wood stove, a well, and were always prepared for outages and things. Well not here, we really need to think about that. Thanks for the reminder. ~Sara

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I am all ears on this one neighbor. We are definitely not preppers but want to be. I will stay tuned. Patty

Kris said...

You are very wise!

Claudia said...

I can't wait for more! When we lived in CA we did a bit of prepping, not on any large scale. Here we have big bottles of water stashed in the spare bedroom - if the power goes out, our well pump won't work. We have candles and flashlights. I'd dearly love a generator but we simply don't have the funds for one.


Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

We've been lucky so far in not having to have too much concern with this sort of thing. But, I agree it's a good thing to be prepared. So nice of you to think of others in your neighborhood as well as yourself during times like that!

Our Country Bungalow said...

Interesting post.

And yes. Have lived for over a decade with the idea that we don't want to be dependent on open grocery stores for survival. Or the power company, for that matter.


Debby said...

My husband is a prepper and I am a planner. I have great ideas to do this but don't put them in place. Everyone made fun of (including me) of my husband when Y2K came. He had army rations, water and etc. Even though people laughed at him, they all said they were coming to our house. Even though that is funny, it sure wouldn't be fair.
My daughter is worried about what will happen in December this year and she is planning ahead. Not sure about this one.
Yes, I would like to hear how you are preparing.
We also have a well. Our power has been out twice for over a week. Once over Christmas....and it was only n the 20's. We had a brand new puppy and another dog. we had to find a hotel to stay. Good thing we had just gotten Christmas money. The other time it was due to hurrican winds.....we live in Ohio. It was warm enough to survive......but the well was a problem. Schools were closed a week. The kids I watched brough sack lunches and flusing water, hah.
We all need to be prepared. Thanks for doing this.

Grace said...

I don't think you've gone off the deep end at all, Elaine. I think you are very wise. With the chaos after Katrina and the storms in upstate NY and New England last year, we have been shown that you CANNOT just sit around waiting for "Them" to drop in and wave a magic wand and make everything better for you. You need to know how to take care of you and yours and have the means to do so.

I buy some kind of prepping equipment and stock one or two food items from each paycheck. It doesn't hurt at all that way, and I'm surprised at how fast it is coming together.

We are campers, too, and that really puts you ahead on the equipment side of things, doesn't it?

The one thing I buy most often? Toilet paper. I just don't want to live in a world without toilet paper. It does take up a lot of room, though.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I hear this sermon from my mom quite a bit. I need to become a prepper!

Sweet Tea said...

I am a "sporadic prepper". Being a bit of a germaphoeb my worst feat is an outbreak of flu or some other communicable disease. I usually "prep" during the winter, then come spring we eat/drink our supplies and don't stock again until the next winter. Not a very good system, but that's how we roll. Your system is MUCH better.

Bonnie said...

I am all about being prepared. After a severe ice storm in Nashville that left the entire city without power, we were stranded in our home until trees and downed electically line could be cleared. We were fortunate to have a hugh wood burning fireplace and plenty of emergency supplies. I think you very wise. Bonnie

p.s. did I read you have backed up your blog? How might I back up a blog? Thanks!

Donna said...

I think this is a great idea, Elaine. I often think about it but never do anything about it. I may start little by little. Thanks for the reminder.


Lily-Rose Cottage said...

I think you have the right idea, Elaine!
We need to implement much more in the area of preparedness at our house.
I remember gathering things for the Y2K blackouts etc. and feeling better equipped should it happen.
We do have a wood-burning stove to install soon and are trying to convert our little yard into a more productive food space.
I guess we are on the way to becoming 'preppers' :-)
Looking forward to hearing more of what you're doing too!
Thanks for linking to Simply Sweet!

homeingreece said...

I suppose I'm a prepper... or maybe not. What do you call a prepper who has moved into "survival mode"? Here in Greece, it can be very hard to find basic food items in the supermarkets, the economic collapse is a real thing, not a threat, and we are trying to make it through each day without losing what we worked so hard for. I wish you success and I hope you NEVER need to use your preps like we do. Hugs from Greece!! (Great blog, I just found it and have added you to my reader!)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am not a prepper. Yet. But living in tornado alley I think that I should be, for sure! We do have a generator because of storms even though we have underground utilities in our neighborhood. We also have a supply of water that we always keep, and we also have crank radios, but that's about it. We do not have food or anything like that. I am anxious to learn through you!


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

We were very aware of the dangers of living in a earthquake zone down on the West Coast. Living in that tiny condo, there was limited room to store anything extra. We didn't have a large enough freezer to store water in, but we did have the extra pair of shoes under the bed, and big flash lights.

I was very conscious of being on the first floor,always feeling like we might be pancaked if there was a quake. For a long time we had a big old cast iron bed, and I slept better thinking that it might hold up some of the ceiling, and floors above should they collapse.

The only consolation I could get was living on the ground floor we would be closer to getting to the camp fire should there be a lack of electricity. And that I had a tent, and lots of canned food. My neighbors might laugh at what I had stored away, but I always told them they would be first in line for food if it happened.

So I guess you could say I am a prepper just that circumstances didn't let me prep enough.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Sandie said...

Hello Elaine, Last April 27th we had massive destruction in our area due to numerous huge tornados. We spent 5 days with no power. And that was short compared to a lot of people. We had shortages in gas, food, ice, and etc. Three days ago we were under a severe watch again and I realized that I was no more prepared this time than I was in April. I do believe it is time to change that! Thanks for the reminder! Sandie

Barb said...

Hello Elaine,
We live in suburban Sydney and really dont think about preparing for emergencies.We have solar power as well as gas and electricity, but thats it. We do have some camping gear .. will check the condition of it and think about what you're saying.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Gail said...

I am a semi prepper, which was good Aug./Sept 2011 when we had earthquake, tornado, hurricane, tropical storm in central Va. I have some food, water, tealight candles, small bills in cash . We have small campstove with 2 weeks of fuel.
If the major worlwide financial collaspe comes, we're not ready with long term food nor personal protection.
So we prepare for just "normal" hiccups in electrical service.

labbie1 said...

Prepping is simply how our grandparents lived. They didn't rely on anyone else. They had supplies put back for emergencies. I have lived that way all my married life and it has come in handy on many occasions. I call myself a prepper without a foil hat--meaning I try to be prepared but I am not buying things that are not useful otherwise. The main thing I have added is a stock of my hubby's meds which I had neglected and without which he will not live more than a day or two--possibly a week. I feel much better now that I have some stockpile of his meds that I keep rotated and fresh.

Funny you did this blog because I have been mentally preparing a similar blog for my site. We must be thinking together! :)

You go girl! Keep your family ready and safe!


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