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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fun Vacation Ideas For Outdoor Lovers

Fun Vacation Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

Does your idea of heaven involve hiking through the wilderness and camping with the stars twinkling overhead in the sky? Though some people think a vacation isn't complete without four star restaurants and luxury accommodations, others love the idea of spending time outside. No matter how much you can afford to spend on your next vacation, you can find some great ideas that let you spend more time outdoors.

State Parks

When you have limited funds at your disposal, consider heading to a state park for your vacation. State parks offer affordable camping sites that let you bring your tent or camper. Most spots come with a fire ring, and some may feature running water and electricity. Many state parks now offer cabin rentals too, which make it even easier to plan a vacation. When you're not relaxing in your cabin or tent, you can go fishing, hiking, boating and enjoy other activities that the park offers.

Wilderness Lodges

If the idea of staying with other travelers doesn't bother you, you might enjoy staying in a wilderness lodge. Lodges are large buildings that come in a few different styles. Some have one large bunkhouses that dozens of guests share, while others feature private rooms. You might find accommodations that come with access to a hot tub with breathtaking views, a restaurant serving delicious local food and an indoor heated swimming pool. There are even lodges that plan trips and activities for guests, including nature hikes and horseback riding. 

Glamping Ideas

When you plan a trip with teenagers in tow and those who are less than enthusiastic about camping outside, you can please them and you both with a glamping excursion. Combining glamour with camping, these attractions might change the way you think about camping. Instead of sleeping outside under the stars, you might have a cabin with a skylight that offers amazing views of the night sky. Glamping lets you appeal to your sense of adventure and the rest of your group's need for something more modern and upscale.

Cabin Retreats

Renting a private cabin lets you enjoy the outdoors while still giving you a sense of privacy. Instead of sharing a lobby, bedroom or even bathroom with other guests, you can rent a cabin that is just for you and your group. Many campgrounds across the country now rent cabins that let you enjoy your privacy and still have access to amenities and features like a swimming pool, lake, miniature golf course or even gem mining. If you really want to get off the beaten path, you can rent a secluded cabin in the mountains or one close to your favorite lake. The owners often stock the cabins with bed linens and other things you might need on your trip. 

Timeshare Programs

 You'll have all the amenities that you need, including great views and comfortable beds, but you'll also be close to activities like skiing, swimming, hiking and horseback riding. 

No matter what you love to do outside, you can easily find some great ideas as to what to do on your next vacation.

Some great ideas here. I love any vacation outdoors. When you live in the city like we do, you yearn to escape the concrete jungle and find some peace and the beauty of the great outdoors.


Art and Sand said...

We haven't camped in years, but we enjoy visiting state parks. Jalama is one of our favorites and we would love to stay at one of their cabins, but it is so difficult to get a reservation 1 year in advance.

Oliva Ohlson said...

Great post!!! Hubby and I used to love camping, but have not done so in many years. I don't think we're too keen on roughing it at our age now...LOL!
The one thing I would love to experience is glamping! I

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