Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've Done Been Robbed!

Tis' true! My hubby has done stole my laptop. He has decided he gets too bored up in those hotel rooms and needed my laptop as an extra diversion. So here I am at my desktop and not able to spend as much time in Blogland as I would like. I miss my baby and all of its bookmarks. I feel my left arm is missing or half of my brain. What does this say about me? It has given me some extra time to play with the kids and get some good old cleaning done. Don't feel too bad as I was instructed to go out and buy myself a new laptop but I hate shopping for electronics and have not bothered to do it yet. I will probably just buy what I had before but it involves going into BestBuy. Sorry to all you tech fans but I hate that store. It is so cold and sterile and monochromatic in there. Must suck up the courage as I miss visiting all of you! Here I go.....


  1. Oh, I surely would be lost -- or maybe I'd finally get some of my unfinished projects done :)


  2. I also dislike shopping for electronics. Too many choices. But I must admit I love my little notebook, but it took me a long time to get it!

  3. Oh I SO understand you! My husband steals my ipad when he travels. But that still leaves me with my lappy. We got my lappy at Sam's. It is a Dell, and I love it!!! Good luck finding one.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. I understand. When my computer's hard drive died I felt lost! I used my husband's for a while - they tried to talk me into a new one - some day - just not today! I would get another just like this one - it is comfortable and I know it!

  5. Ugh...I know what you mean...techno geek I am not...we have a wireless printer we cannot hookup as it has 16 pages of instruction as to how to do way.

  6. Hi glad I popped into your cute blog. Sorry to hear about the computer. :( I'm enjoying reading thru your other posts and have added myself as your newest follower. Come visit at my blog soon. Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX