Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby It's Hot Outside

Actually today is wonderful and cooler. Only in the low 80s and nice cool breeze. I am LOVING it!!
But when I took the pics for this post it was so dang hot. I am not a gal that likes to be hot. Thank goodness for A/C!!!!

The sun has been beating down on my poor garden.

I have given up and emptied lots of the pots that did not survive my vacation away from them with triple digit temps here.

The Lantana are thriving though and the butterflies love them.

The bees don't mind the heat either though this one never leaves the yard rain or shine.

Even the birds were hiding from the heat trying to stay cool.

It's as if the ferns don't even want to unfurl.

The tropicals are happy with the heat and are putting on a nice show.

Coleus are happy as long as they are in the shade and kept watered.

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  1. Hi Elaine,
    We have had the heat too! up to 115 just crazy! I don't like the heat either and opt to stay in side with the AC on. I'm such a whimp with the heat, I just melt..LOL..
    Keep cool inside and have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  2. Your garden is so lovely! (Sorry some of the plants did not survive your time away.) The lantana is especially beautiful! I think if it dropped to the low 80's here we would think we had gone to heaven. Unfortunately we are in this triple digit hellish oven.

  3. I love your Sunshine Man! He is so cute! Love all your beautiful plants and flowers! Mine are about the same. We are in triple digits today! I would love 80's! Mailed your package today, but I am really afraid it might melt. If it does, I'll send you another when it cools down. Beautiful pics!

  4. Your flowers are so pretty. :o)
    My lantana is blooming now too.
    It is so beautiful, with the butterflies scurrying about each flower. :o)
    I was able to get some yard work done this morning, before the day heated up too much. I am ready for fall!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. I would give my favorite antique away for temps in the 80's. But I know you need them too. It's the humidity that's getting me...I feel like the wicked witch from Oz....I'm melting....

  6. Hi Elaine,
    Holloways is a marina in Big Bear. Near Boulder Bay. It is on the water. The sites are nice. Some are on the water, and some are on the cove, but they are all nice. We have friends in the desert who come up and leave their 5th wheel for the summer, and they go back and forth to escape the heat. We have camped there a few times. Full hook ups. Water sites are 60, others are 50. Nice place. Not private. Anyone can go.

  7. Lantana is a great choice...they are so drought resistant! Your garden is so, so pretty. I am so surprised that coleus does well in SoCal!

    Ricki Jill

  8. beautiful photos,, sorry about the plant loss, its always sad to see some die.I for one am very glad that bee doesn't leave your garden,, (wink wink) !

  9. Your garden is beautiful and so colorful. I especially love the Lantana, what a great color.
    It has been really hot here in Winnipeg, too. Today is much cooler, though, only 76* F and it feels wonderful!
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Those photos are fantastic! So bright and cheery.

  11. YES today is SO much cooler and a nice breeze...I hope it lasts!!!!! LOVE your flowers!!!

  12. Funny how pictures don't show the heat (though I guess if I took pics of all my pitiful wilted hydrangeas and tomato plants right now, the heat might show). Triple digits here in TN, 95 degrees right now at 7:15 pm. I don't know how anyone lived here before air conditioning. At any rate, your plants look great!

  13. Pretty garden and photos! I'm looking forward to a break in the heat-some of my plants have been withering too. Yes, thank goodness for A/C!

  14. You still have quite a few things looking fresh. You're right today was perfect. It's supposed to be nice all week. YEAH!

  15. It has been very hot here in Indiana too. We have been getting enough rain, until this week. have to get out the sprinkler! I'm just glad to have the AC and a pool. Love your lantana. I've got one plant, but I plan on starting some seeds for it for next year.

  16. Your garden is SO beautiful. It made my day just looking at it.

  17. We have been hearing how most of the nations is suffering in the heat and breaking records. Here in the Seattle area it is cool and rainy today. Love the pics of flowers, one of my favorite things!
    Gayle from Behind the Gate

  18. Lovely flowers... Love the terracotta bird... !!