Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love George's!

George's is my produce hook up place. Don't overlook little produce shops because I save so much money shopping here. It isn't much to look at but the deals are great and the produce is fresher than the grocery store. He says it is because he buys daily from the produce market and other farmers and sell it as soon as he  gets back. No waiting around in a distribution center to be shipped out in semis.

My total was 23.06 and here is what I bought:
1 flat of strawberries
4 Persian cucumbers
corn on the cob
1 package of hamburger buns ($1 bin)
red leaf lettuce
bag of broccoli (contained three head of broccoli)
Feta cheese (1/2 lb for 2.46. Can't beat that)

My daughter wanted to come home and make smoothies. Check out that vintage blender. Yes, it was in the house when we bought it. 11 years later and I have no idea how long his Grandma owned it, it still works great. Good old American made products. I wish we could get manufacturing back here. Seems more green to me. I would pay twice as much for something that lasts twice as long. Most would agree. And no ships clogging up our ports with junk that came from overseas.

Q wanted banana smoodie as she calls it but first made a phone call on it.

Aww summer strawberries.


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  1. Q is adorable. I get a good connection on my bananas too. Love the blender. Are those round glass doors ovens? Looks interesting.
    You gad a deal on the fresh veggies, for California that sounds great. You have the nicest produce there. Goodbye Q, Thanks for sharing Mommie.

  2. That looks like a wonderful smoodie ;)

    We use the Farmer's Market here a lot this time of year. Simply the best produce.

    Great blender -- is it a VitaMix?


  3. You are singing my tune with American made products. Nothing lasts anymore. Flat of strawberries. Preserves, maybe? Bonnie

  4. Fresh is the way to go! My Mom buys berries at the farm stand next to the field. Much better to get it that way if you live close! I am thinking about joining a co-op, where you get a basket of local farm fresh produce and eggs, etc, each week.

  5. I love the blender, bet it works great too. I am loving all the fruit too, I just love to sit and eat fresh fruit! :D

  6. If we had a George's I'd definately try it. Love the mixer!

  7. Mmmm! That smoothie looks good! I shop the local farm market also-produce is great and so are the prices. I always support local. That goes for restaurants too-We avoid the chains! Especially because The Culinary Institute is right up the road-I like to support the grads that open businesses here. Oh and we buy American cars also. Ok-enough of my babbling. Have a good day!

  8. Yea for George's!!! We used to have a rural fruit stand that I swore by! But when the orange groves came down, so did the fruit stand. Now, if I don't grow it, I buy it at the farmer's market. With the exception of my, I mean bananas. I go through a lot and buy them at fresh & easy every time I go.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blender and I 100% agree about the produce shops, so much crisper and cheaper! lOVE!


  10. There i nothing better to beat the heat than smoothies made with fresh fruit. :D Now I am craving one, LOL!

  11. Q is adorable...had to say that first!! I love American made products...I was devastated when Saturn shut down...we all bought them...nothing lasts anymore...terrible. We love smoothies...they are good and refreshing on a warm day...I freeze my bananas to make themm a bit thicker.

  12. Wow! Great shopping and beautiful strawberries! (Kids too!)

  13. I could sure use one of those smooothies right now...
    Nothing beats fresh fruits and veggies..

  14. That smoothy looks so yummy!

  15. I love smoothies, and with this heat, it's a blessing that you're kids like them. I love your produce and shopping at a local market, we do the same here and I love it!! at least what we don't grow in our garden!! You did good girl! Lovin it!

  16. You seem to have quite the retro kitchen! Oh, now I want a smoothie!

  17. We don't have a little produce market like that around here, but we do have a farmer's market every Thursday at the college. Not as good as your deals though!
    I so agree with you about American made. Sadly, we've become such a "disposable" society.
    Your daughter looks so cute with the I want to go make a smoothie :)

  18. What a great buy! I was just sayin on another blog that I loved fresh local produce. Maryland tomotoes are great!
    We are taking our boat out today and on the way home I will stop by the road side stand and pick up some goodies.
    Have a great weekend

  19. Love seeing your fresh produce haul! And a great price. I totally believe in buying from the small local places. And the smoothie looks so good! Thank you for joining TTF and have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Wow you did get a great haul! Its always so nice when you can get fresh prodcue cheap!