Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Beauties

Last week my friend Patty from Lemon Lane Cottage came to visit and bring her grandson to see our chickens and to play. She is such a sweetheart and gave Q this dress as an early birthday gift. I just had to have her wear it for Easter. It was so sweet and perfect for the day. Patty makes these dresses and I think will have an Etsy shop soon. Oh such talent. To sit down and out of some fabric she creates something so darling.

Thanks so much Patty. Q loved it and couldn't wait to wear it.

My mother in law gave me this glorious bouquet of stock on Easter as well. How can such a wonderful flower have such a plain old name. The fragrance is wonderful and I can smell it every time I walk into the dining room.

Do you like the match box card in the photo? See I told you I am not very good at staging photos. I want to thank all of you who commented on that post. You are such a blessing and it gave me such joy to read your comments. 


  1. Elaine- That is just the cutest little dress she has on~ I love it. She should open an Etsy shop. I love her color combinations.

    That stock is gorgeous-I love the smell of it but we don't have much luck with it here...plus it doesn't bloom here until July.

    I am smiling a the match box. You stage photos about like I do..I go to post them and then go uh-oh~! Have a great Tuesday-xo Diana

  2. That little dress is adorable. She does beautiful work! Q looks precious in it!!! I wish I lived close enough for play dates with you gals too!!!!

  3. Sweet dress.
    How thoughtful of Patty.
    She IS very talented, and such a kind and generous spirit.

    Lovely flowers. How thoughtful of your MIL to give them to you.

    Love your 'life' pictures :)

    Happy day!

  4. The dress is so pretty on your sweet daughter. Flowers too, nice friend.

  5. That little dress is precious! And the model wearing it is adorable! Sounds like you had a nice Easter. Love it when friends come to visit.
    Have a happy week!

  6. It is just perfect on her. I am so glad she liked it...such the perfect model, so adorable. Andrew keeps asking when we are going back. Patty

  7. The mere thought that you have kids toys around appals me! lol The dress is perfect for Q. I'm waiting for Patty to open her shop so I can shop for Baby! ~ Maureen

  8. She's so cute all dressed up for Easter. What a precious child she is. The dress is darling and what a nice gift.

  9. p.s. I have never heard of "stock" is there another name for it? It sounds like a wonderful flower and I'd like to get some.

  10. personally i do believe that the picture would not be complete without the matchbox car. it is just fabulous!! i wouldn't like it any other way. snickers. giggle!! ha. ha!! i really do love it. those are stock i believe. oh, my florist terms are in the back of my brain. i'm dreaming of their scent. so lovely & light if i'm recalling right. she is so cute in her dress. perfect for her & easter as well. (:

  11. Apparently I am not good at staging photo either. I noticed that the photo I used of my grandson on my blog, he has a giant plastic cockroach sticking out of his pocket. The easter dress is sooo cute.
    blessings to you.

  12. Patty's dress is darling on darling Q.

  13. Such a pretty dress!

    Your pics just reflect your real life. I, for one, like it! :)

  14. What a sweet dress from such a sweet friend! Q is such a cutie!

  15. Princess Q looks AH-dorable!!! :D Your bouquet is lovely, too.

    I think you take excellent photos. The artists at the studio say that I am terrible and have an awful eye for composition...that I need to take a workshop *sadface* They are much more encouraging about my art, though!


  16. I would say that Q is adorable in that beautiful dress. Patty really is talented.
    don't you just love stock? One of my most favorite flowers. Love the fragrance.

  17. It AND she are both adorable!

    I came earlier and tried to comment on your post about the way you blog, but my computer wouldn't let me.

    I just wanted to say that you expressed my thoughts so well. When I try to "plan" a post, it never does anything but stress me out. I actually dislike holiday posting because I feel some kind of oddball obligation. How silly is that?

  18. There is no need for staging when you have so a charming model in such a sweet little dress. What a cutie-pie! I think I could have guessed that you and Patty are buds--you just fit. Thoroughly enjoy both of your blogs which aren't alike, but than again....

  19. It is so nice to be able to meet blog friends in real life! And that dress is so adorable. :)

  20. The dress is so pretty and your daughter looks so cute in it. It fits her perfectly and definitely meant for her. I read the last post and I don't edit pics either, mainly because I never checked into the programs that assist with all the personal touches one can do to a pic. I was recently made aware of a FREE program called PicMonkey and checked it out briefly. The main thing I have been interested in was labeling my photos with a watermark for copyright purposes. I think your blog is perfect just the way it is. Life is demanding these days and I am sure you have got some great organizational skills that help you get through your days. It makes me smile if I see toys on the floor or laundry needing folded on a table. Some of the blogs present themselves as "perfect" and in my eyes you can either live in a house or live in a home...personally, I prefer the home....
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  21. Hi Elaine,
    The dress is verry pretty..every little girl would love one I'm sure.
    Love your bowl of stock. I think stock is lovely but I'm allergic to the perfume.... but I can enjoy looking at them from a distance.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  22. That dress is adorable, but then look at how cute Q is wearing it.

  23. Another amazing post! The matchbox car had me chuckling.....too cute!

  24. That IS an adorable dress on the most darling girl!

    You are right about stock. Amazing how beautiful the scent is!

    Happy Easter...