Monday, April 29, 2013

A New Barbecue But First Working Hard

My hubby is a wonderful grill master. He only uses briquettes and we have been in need of a new barbecue. Our old one is almost 20 years old and was getting a bit shaky.

We finally found one he liked at a good price at Lowes. He got up early to season the grill and get it ready for last night.

I made a creamy dill pasta salad and lots of sides.

We barbecued chicken legs, Q's request, and a couple of steaks, along with corn and bread.

You can see how we prepare the most moist barbecue chicken here.

So let's just say before we enjoyed our Sunday, we worked our tushes off on Saturday.
The coop was in need of some spring cleaning and we needed to make some minor changes.
First we went to Lowes and I told hubby that this should be it now, the coop is done and he said, "I sure am sick of buying stuff for these chickens." OOOOhhhhh. I was told.
Having chickens is something I love. It is work and I am lucky he indulges me. I think once you get the coop all set you are pretty set except for maintenance.

Originally we just put the coop on the dirt and it needed to be set up on bricks so the whole coop was lifted out and while hubby cleaned and set the bricks I washed, sanded and stained the coop. I should have done it when we first got it but I didn't. It looks so nice.

It was a good weekend. Full of what I like doing. Working in the yard and grilling at home. What did you do this weekend? Did you fire up the grill?


  1. There's nothing I love more than my husband and I working together outside! Your coop looks fabulous but the food looks even better...yummy!!

  2. The new grill is wonderful and your dinner looks fabulous. The coop is looking spiffy too. Hugs, marty

  3. So, when are you having us over for dinner? Everything looks so good!!

    The chickens should be really happy in their newly decorated home.

    Enjoy that new grill!


  4. Next time y'all fire up the grill, I'm stopping by (from Virginia ;)

  5. Your dinner looked so good. How was Friday? I was thinking of all of you.
    I love the pic of your husband at the grill. So manly!!!
    Coop looks great. My new chicks are getting so big, so fast!
    I can't post! I am so frustrated. Can't upload photos for some reason!
    We had my Mom and nieces birthday party on the lake at my Mom's yesterday. Fun day!
    xo Kris

  6. looks like a great weekend. we had steak on Saturday night. so yummy good. i love getting out on the grill. feels like great springy weather. rain here today. ( :

  7. Thank you for the tip on boiling chicken before putting it on the barbeque. I'm going to give it a try. :-) Have a great week!

  8. Dinner is not for hours yet and now looking at yours I am so so hungry.

    That dinner looks fantastic!!!

  9. That sounds like a perfect weekend. The coop looks great with the stain. I'm thinking of whitewashing mine. I'm a charcoal girl myself, so yay on your husband sticking to tradition on the grill!

  10. Sounds like we had a lot of the same things going on this weekend. Your supper look yummy.

  11. Can you share the recipe for your dill pasta salad? Looks and sounds YUMMY!

  12. Would you share your recipe for the dill pasta salad? Sounds YUMMY!

  13. I love grilled food and we only use charcoal too. We smoked a big pork shoulder and tried a home made bbq sauce (really good!). We just got a new grill tonight for a great deal. The coop looks really great, yes they can suck a little money, but I love the chickens.

  14. Nice. This weekend I- cleaned the house, washed windows, painted the new coop, decorated it, did laundry, planted the spring garden, did financial planning, got groceries, blah blah blah. No time to que. I do that after I'm off for the summer. Too cool and windy anyway...

  15. Thanks for sharing your BBQ chicken recipe. It looks so yummy!

    Love the grill. Big enough to handle a lot. I love to cook for a few nights at once.

    Coop looks great too! You have been one busy lady.

  16. Un bien agréable weekend ! De belles photos et hum! un régal pour les yeux que toute cette nourriture!...
    Nous aurions aimé pouvoir en faire autant cependant chez nous le printemps est très capricieux.
    Jeudi nous avions des températures dignes d'un mois de juin et grrr dès le lendemain nous avons eu de la neige (10cm);
    Du jamais vu chez nous à cette époque de l'année !
    Gros bisous à vous.

  17. Ya'll were busy bees this weekend. Love the stained coop and your dinner is making me hungry this morning! Looks delicious! What a treat to come into after a hard day working outside!


  18. All of your food looks divine! I'd also love to have your recipe for the creamy dill pasta salad. Thanks!

  19. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick