Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Updated Blog Link Party List

I have been updating my blog link party list this week. Removing parties that no longer exist and adding new ones. Linking to blog link parties is a great way to gain traffic to your blog and share your recent posts on the web.

The updating is ongoing so if you have a party you would like for me to add let me know the day and the link by leaving it in the comments section.

To see the list of link parties you can go here and don't forget to link up to the From the Farm Blog Hop right here on this blog each Friday. Our hop covers nine different blogs and you can link up posts from how to's, diy, home decor, recipes, frugal tips and of course all things farmy.


  1. Oh Elaine...I just read your previous post about kitty. What an ordeal. I know how you feel. You probably just wanted to stay home and calm your little guy. When we first lived here in this house, our next door neighbor SHOT my cat!!! It was a bb gun, but he killed him. He was shooting squirrels out of the tree, and shot my cat on the fence! I know it wasn't an accident! Glad they moved!!! Sorry for the trauma! But glad it had a happy ending!
    Maybe we can meet for breakfast one day next week? I mentioned it to Shelly too. Ask Patty, if you see her. Maybe Corner Bakery?
    xo Kris

  2. My Table Top Tuesday party has changed it's name. It is now called Inspire Me Tuesday. Thanks for including it. Hugs, marty

  3. Cleaning up Blog stuff takes time, I know. I am kinda frustrated with linky parties lately, because it doesn't seem to bring me any more traffic. I guess I just am not exciting enough!!! I still try occasionally....I hope Kitty is doing better.

  4. Great list - I was just thinking I need to try some new and different link parties in 2014 :-)

  5. Thanks for updating the list. I am going over to check it out now.

  6. The new year is a great time to clear the clutter, no?
    We have a link-up each Tuesday called The Maple Hill Hop, where we share what's happening outside our doors. Feel free to join!

  7. I miss your old party so much, Sunny Simple Sundays. I am not one for change and the newer linkys that are invite only leave me cold. :(

  8. Would love for you to add AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  9. Hi, there... Just saw your post about the fire.... Goodness! We're praying for your safety! That's so scary! Also, I'd love for you to add Tips & Tricks. It's held every Tuesday, and I, along with 12 other bloggers host it. We'd be honored to be added to your list...
    ((Hugs)) from Texas, and prayers being sent for your area!