Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Cleaning Checklists and Tips

Does anyone have spring cleaning on the to do list? I want to share some of my favorite spring cleaning checklists with you and a few of my favorite cleaning tips and tools.

First off, if you hate the thought of spring cleaning and how overwhelming that sounds, then break it down into spring cleaning baby steps. Start with one room and make it small like the entry way. Quickly, you will have a room cleaned from top to bottom and feel motivated to move on. I suggest never starting with the kitchen if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Second, you have to have the right tools. I love those thick pre-folded cloth baby diapers for cleaning. They do not leave lint at all and work great on glass and window as well as for dust rags. Use my homemade frugal cleaner. Can't beat it for all purpose hard surface cleaner.

Okay, onto some of my favorite spring cleaning checklists from online:

1. I love this one from Real Simple. It goes room to room with specific spring clean tips.

2. This pdf from Martha Stewart is cool cause it goes through the whole house and you can download the pdf to your computer to use every year.

3. And finally this one from I Dream of Clean is the most thorough best spring cleaning checklist.
    Organized by room and with checklists you can print, is my favorite spring cleaning tips site.


  1. Yup, I've been cleaning like crazy here. Thanks for the tips, I'll check into those sites.

  2. Thank you! Great help to have those tips. If the snow is ever gone, I might get motivated. I sure hope so!

  3. Elaine, great ideas, I love breaking it down into baby steps..that's pretty much all we can do here, since it's all white again, lol.


  4. Thanks for the links. I have spring break next week and plan to get some cleaning done. Hopefully I can work in the yard too:)

  5. For some reason I do my spring cleaning in the fall. Once the warm weather hits I just want to get outdoors. These are great resources. xo Laura

  6. I'm glad I clean year round. Sadly I don't ave time to read all those articles. I think the clean as you go mode is best, keep it simple. With my kids grown up, life is much easier cleaning wise...

  7. Great tips! I pinned this to Pinterest on the TTF features board.