Friday, July 14, 2017

Easy RV Step Replacement

If you ever have your RV steps break and you need a quick or cheap and super easy RV step replacement or repair, I have a tip for you because that very thing happened to us. Right before a trip, our step snapped off on one side and we had to fix a broken RV step in like two hours.

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RV Step Repair Options

We could have hooked up the trailer and tried to find a place to repair it.

We also could have ordered a whole new set to be put on the trailer.

We could find a good substitute as we were leaving in a few days. We thought of just bringing a block and propping the broken step up but that felt unstable.

Also, our trailer was nine years old and after a while you have to decide how much money you want to spend to maintain an older RV.

Our Easy RV Travel Trailer Steps Repair

I decided to search for steps online and found a great set of heavy duty plastic steps meant for spas.

When we received the steps they fit perfect and we thought maybe this would be a temporary fix but we loved the new steps.

Why We Won't Repair The Old Trailer Steps

The new steps fit perfectly and are wider and sturdier than the old steps.

My husband was the test, a very tall big guy, and they were strong enough for him. His big feet had a hard time on the old metal RV steps and he tripped a few times. These new steps are wider and deeper and easier for him to step onto.

Our dogs struggled a little on the old metal steps and we were happy to see these steps were easier for them to navigate.

We already paid for these steps and they fit perfectly right up into the inside of the trailer by the door to keep them out of the weather. We left the old steps in case we ever needed to repair those in the future. The steps were less than $80 and for sure cheaper than buying new steps and having them installed.
Here is the link  to the ones we bought but watch my video for lots of pictures of the new RV steps.


  1. Necessity is the mother of inventions!
    This is a great example.

  2. Do you know the height of the stairs?