Our Simple Summer Days

Thursday, August 9, 2012

We have had a typical summer for us. No trips to the beach, not much running around and lots of time at home. I am a homebody and I just cannot change that. I did not even take the kids to the beach this summer.
I just think, oh a whole day gone and traffic to and from and I just don't feel like going. I prefer days at home with small trips here and there. We have gone to the movies twice and for trips for ice cream and the library and trips to the popular feed store to pet all the babies, but really we stayed home. My older girls run around with their friends and head to the beach on their own. We spend three days camping at the beach each fall when the weather is the best and I consider that three solid days of beach going.

Instead we swing while dragging our feet in the pool. We swim at grandma's house and hang out in the yard.

I just don't feel like it is my job to entertain the kids everyday. My mom did not do that for me. Go entertain yourself. And they really do. Kids left to their own devices with time on their hands will fill it with something they like to do. My girls are all readers, love games, cards and play video games and spend lots of time outside especially when they are young.

I may not be the most exciting mom but I think my girls have all had good summers mostly at home. I strongly believe in down time. I have to have it so they have been forced to have it too. They seem to be thriving and all like their quiet time so perhaps it's not so bad after all. I think at 45 I am not going to change. My summers will always remain simple.

Why are chickens in this post? I don't know. I guess cause I like them.

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lulumusing said...

Good for you for keeping things simple, especially for the kids who benefit from learning how not to be busy!

lulumusing said...

Good for you for keeping things simple, especially for the kids who benefit from learning how not to be busy!

nancy said...

We did that kind of thing too, and we were lucky enough to be 2 blocks from the rural (then) public library. I'd make up a putt putt golf course in the back yard once a week with garden hoses, and golf clubs from the thrift store, and turn on the sprinklers for a bit. We had a cheap badmitton set too, they had a blast! We'd have their friends over once in a while and they'd "play". No video games (I banned them) just other stuff. Went camping once a summer, and they have lots of great memories!

Cheapchick said...

Because the chicken butts are so darn cute and those chickens are part of your family :) I agree, my Mother never entertained me. Parents run run run these days. Kids need down time too.

Beth said...

i know why they are part of your post ...but they are part of your "home". your "family". so cute. i have moments of loving to be home & then i have moments where i really need to get out. like a caged animals. ready to be free. it goes & comes. enjoy your day. (:

Terra said...

I agree with having a simple summer and lots of down time, which encourages your children to be creative and to explore nature.
Your chickens are right purty!

Nonnie said...

Good for you! I too am a homebody and the summers of my childhood were spent playing with kids in the neighborhood, reading books, playing softball, cars, and so forth. We had great fun. The big moments were the trip to visit family in Arkansas and then when Mom would take us to the city swimming pool. Our grandchildren enjoy coming to our house to play and go to the neighborhood park.

You are the second blog I've read today with pics of chicks! I have a friend who calls herself the Chicken Lady.

laurie said...

I think you have the perfect summer, its much like ours when the children were home, you girls are lovely, the human ones and the bird ones,

Leslie said...

We've had a ton of down time this summer too! It's been great! Since we live so close to the bay we spend a lot of time on our little boat ~ which is a vacation in itself!! I am all about simple times!
The girls are gorgeous!!

Mica said...

I always knew you were my kind of gal. I am so like that. A Homebody. We have stayed around home for the most part, the biggest thing we did was Lake Tahoe. We also had two trips to the theatre...only for our kids birthdays. For the most part they too like being home like me and their dad. Keep it simple friend!!!! Mica @ The Child's Paper


Yeah, the best we way, keeping it simple and enjoying the best place in the world, which is homes. We too kept it simple when my girls were growing up, a lot of family and home activities.. and now the more so, just the two of us, the home is my fav place in the world I want to be. Your daughters are beautiful and they look as sweet as you! Happy summer.

~Sara said...

Sounds like a great summer to me. I can't believe that summer is coming to a close and it is almost school time again. Although here in Cali we have lots of hot weather still to come. Blessing~Sara

Kris said...

When my kids were little, we made our fun at home too. I think it is great! Love the chicken pictures!!
XO Kris

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Well you make me feel better, Elaine, because I'm exactly the same way. And I'm making homebodies of my kids too, I think. We do have the pool but I don't go to extremes to entertain my kids either. And you know what, they're fine and they use their imaginations! :)


Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Elaine,
I enjoyed your post...It reminded me of my summers at home while I was growing up. My Mom was a teacher and she didn't allow us to use the "B" word, ever! If we made the mistake of saying we were "bored"...She found practical ways to end our boredom...Namely, chores that would keep us busy.
I, too, believe in lots of down time. I think it keeps a family secure and industrious. Home should be a place of refuge...A treasury of happy moments.
I'm glad you share your beautiful chickens with us...They are so sweet and remind me of things old fashioned!
Have a snny day, my friend,
Carolynn xo

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

I am so like you in that way. I love being at Home and we have a Home that provides us with such comfort. We are lucky in that we have a pool, we live in a small town close to anything we need and within walking distance if we have to. Yet...our 3 girls have always had to be busy with something planned every. single. day....much like my husband. Constantly on the go....not just sitters "unless' they are bored because nothing is planned. I wish they were readers, like me, content at Home, like me. But, not as of yet....maybe when they get their own Home! I like that you added your chickens!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I so agree about downtown. I have always restricted my girls' activities. After school and church, I only allowed them one activity each, and that was enough. My daughter did participate in some HS extracurriculars, but they were not that time consuming since she went to an arts school that had really long hours (8AM to 5PM everyday)....most extracurriculars were scheduled during that time.

I am a supermom because I got the internet up and running in Shanley's apartment!!! ;P


Diana said...

That is my kind of summer. I really really don't like busy-ness and running around. We go on a trip to the beach each year we can afford it (those days may be over for a while as daughter #3 starts college next week, and daughter #4 is 4 years behind her). My kids would do maybe one 1-wk camp (not sleep away) in the summer when they were young -- but pretty much, summers are at home with trips to the library, sometimes the park or the zoo, and just playing up and down the street with friends in the neighborhood.

This summer, with dealing with all the beginning college hoopla and shopping, has been way too busy for me. But everything will settle down soon.

Tina Leigh said...

When my boys were growin up, we didn't have the extra money to do to many things. The beach & the river are pretty close to us tho. But...we went to the river more when they were little because we are not a fan of crowds!! We fished which was part of our grocery shopping!! We do more now but it's usually with my parents in law because they are retired now. I am very much a homebody!!

acorn hollow said...

I think your right my parents didn't entertain us either. When my daughter was young we lived 5 minutes from the lake so we lived at the lake

Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes said...

It's kind of sad the mentality that a lot of people have. So many think a big vacation each year is a necessity. As I'm sure you know, there are many ways to enjoy life at home or close to home if you have an open mind. I'm a homebody too. If I go on a trip, I'm usually ready to go home by the end of the day anyway.

From all you have said, your girls each have good heads on their shoulders, so it sounds like you are teaching them all the right priorities about life, and that is more important than having a trip to the beach.

Terry said...

My parenting philosophy is to parent by boredom. My kids learned how to make their own fun and rely on their own inner resources. Of course, it helps when there are chickens around - not boring at all! (And a pond with frogs that I used to say was better than a gameboy.)

Melody said...

I am a homebody too. So is my husband. We like being in our comfortable home and we actually like each others company. ;) Some people think it is strange that we spend so much time together and at home. We love movies too.

We like a more simple, slow and relaxing life. I guess that is not the case for most people. Oh, we are empty nesters too. Enjoy your time with the kids because it goes by so fast. I love hearing about all of your adventures. Blessings to you and your lovely family.

Leslie's Garden said...

Chickens should be in every post - wish I had some to photograph:) I love a lazy summer, too. When my kids were younger they always entertained themselves. I felt bad for the moms whose kids were always asking, "What can we do next"? I think reading really inspires imagination. For my kids, even tv could stir them to play. They would watch for a while, but it wouldn't be long before they wanted to go PLAY Pokemon, or Ghostbusters... You're doing your kids and yourself a favor, and creating wonderful memories for the children!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Yes, it kinda sounds like summer at my house as well. Especially with the distance we live from town. I try to make a trip to Grandparents house about once a week. I love taking pictures of my chickens, too. I love letting them out of there own little yard into ours! They are so darn cute and fun to watch, aren't they? Yours look like the same kind I have! Your girls are so pretty!

Debra said...

LOL I am cracking up reading this post. Because when I was young, entertainment was simple. And there was no choice. It was "GO PLAY OUTSIDE"


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