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Would you like to grow much of your own fruit and vegetables in your own yard? How about raise chickens for fresh eggs right out back but you live in the city and think you can't do it in the typical backyard?

Well, follow along with me. I will show you how in my small city yard, right outside of Los Angeles, I do both. We organically raise much of our produce and fresh eggs right in our own garden.

I believe the home should be your haven and nurture you inside and out. Around here we live a family centered life and share our frugal tips for gardening and decorating right onto feeding a family for less.

My hubby actually does the decorating in our house but I love to share how he changes things up seasonally and creates a cozy farmhouse feel inside our home while I can be found outside tending the garden and animals. He is handy and does many DIY projects we love to share on the blog. We do it all on a budget but you'd never know it.

So check our homepage for our recipes, frugal tips and emergency preparedness and food storage info.

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