Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Vintage Christmas - Blogmas Dec. 4th

Today I was able to do some girl time shopping with the Queen of Vintage Christmas, my friend Shelly.

This is the darling display outsider her door. Or really just one small part of it.

Christmas wheel barrow

We went by her booth at the Pomona Antique Mart, space 16. It is always filled to the brim with vintage goodies. If you are in SoCal you should stop by.

vintage kitchen display

vintage Santas

Monday, December 3, 2018

How to Make Your Christmas Tree Fuller - Happy Blogmas, Dec. 3rd

Happy Blogmas. I decided I would try and blog each day of December starting this Monday. Just quick updates on the Merry Christmasing going on in our house. I am going to show how to make a cheap Christmas tree look fuller. Have a great Dec. 3rd everyone.

fake Christmas tree, cheap Christmas tree

Had a busy weekend of finishing our Christmas tree. We took a very cheap sparse artificial tree and really dressed it up and all with ribbon we already had. The wide mesh red ribbon was the key to filling all the the center of the tree that you could see. The we added two more layers of ribbon and then some bulbs and wa-la! I think it came out lovely.

using ribbon to fill Christmas tree
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Our Thanksgiving Home Decor

In our home, many of you know hubby does the decorating and this year I want to share our Thanksgiving Home Decor. Hubby is very strict no Christmas until after Thanksgiving. 

A mix of country prim Thanksgiving decorations set our home for the holiday. I hope you enjoy Dean's Thanksgiving decorations for this year.

Our Thanksgiving Home Decor

Thanksgiving home tour, wooden turkey

This is my favorite Thanksgiving vignette and I added just a couple little items from a fall Hobby Lobby trip this year.
We love primitive decor and it mixes so well with fall decorating.

fall vignette, flower market basket, country scarecrow

Thanksgiving tour

country kitchen, white hutch, fall decor

I collect a lot of Pilgrim couples and they get tucked in all over the house.

pilgrim couples

antique cheese box, pilgrim couple

white enamelware, shelf with utensils, vintage kitchen

You can see the tour of our farmhouse fall in the kitchen here.
farmhouse decor, black and white check
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

My Camp Kitchen Box

I love an organized camp kitchen set up and my camp kitchen box it simple a two drawer stackable set up that has everything I need for camping cooking and more. I hope you will find some smart camping tips with a peek at my camp kitchen box.

camping hacks, camping tips

Nothing fancy just a simple camp box set up that we keep stocked so we can pull the boxes and go camping at any time.

My Camp Kitchen Box

Contained in the two plastic drawer system is:
Pots and pans, cooking utensils
Foil and plastic wrap
Plastic bags and trash bags
Flash light and small lantern
Wash pan
Kitchen towels and scrubbie, pot holders
Dish soap and bar soap for hand washing
Splatterware coffee mugs (these are the best for coffee and cocktails while camping)
Plates and mugs
Paper bowls
My container of plastic and tableware
Egg carrier (this is where I store it)

camping organization, supply list for camping

We love our enamel camping cups. We each have one and they are used for coffee, cocoa, soup and cocktails in the evening. Everything just tastes so good in them and you can carry them around while eating and drinking. You can't beat the price at only $3.89 on Amazon.

enamel camping cup

camping hacks, washing dishes camping

camping drawer system, camping washpan

Though when we are camping the eggs are in the ice chest but this carrier is great and keeps your eggs from getting crushed in the ice chest and also from the carton getting soggy.

camping egg carrier

See my entire camp kitchen set up and my foldable camp stove/kitchen organizer.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Farmhouse Fall In The Kitchen

Dean decorated the kitchen in a farmhouse fall decor theme and I think it turned out lovely and wanted to share. It is light and bright and will switch over to Thanksgiving decor easily.

Farmhouse Fall Decor

country kitchen, Halloween decor

black and white enamelware, fall pumpkins, fall pip berries

Black and white enamelware is always in our kitchen so we added the little gingham pumpkins with some more prim pumpkins we already owned.

Hobby Lobby, vintage kitchen, gingham pumpkins

country fall decorating, enamelware, vintage toy stove

vintage graters, polka dot pumpkin

rustic kitchen decor, prim stacking boxes

yellow kitchen, farm fresh

I hope you enjoyed our fall kitchen decorating this year. We have buttery yellow walls and the black and white enamelware stays up all year but the autumnal colors mixed well with what we already had. Stay tuned. Tomorrow we will share our rustic Halloween decor.
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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Tent Camping Tips To Make Camping Easy

We have been campers for over 30 years. Tents, trailers and now without a trailer, in a tent again this past weekend. I will share my tent camping tips to make camping easier that can be used while tenting it or camping in a RV.

camping hacks

Right now we are without our trailer, as we sold it in May, but I was really wanting a camping trip. We have everything to tent it so we pulled together our gear quickly and went to a back country campground you can;t pull a trailer to.

Tent Camping Tips To Make Camping Easy

1. Organize a camp kitchen box

Pull your kitchen gear into easy to access plastic drawers. My entire camping kitchen outside of the stove is contained in these two drawers. Pots. pans, cups, towels, wash pan and more all tucked into these drawers.

Here is some of what I keep in camping kitchen box: 

Pots and pans, cooking utensils
Foil and plastic wrap
Wash pan
Kitchen towels and scrubbie
Dish soap and bar soap for hand washing
Splatterware coffee mugs (these are the best for coffee and cocktails while camping)
Paper bowls
My container of plastic and tableware (see that great tip here)
Check out the post on my whole outdoor camp cook set up...
*A whole post on my camp kitchen set up is coming very soon.

2. Get an air mattress

Though we have a small cheap tent, we slept wonderfully cause we crammed our air mattress into it. It was worth it. Everything is easier when you are rested.

I covered our air mattress with an old memory foam topper from our trailer and we slept like babies.

3. Keep camp cooking very simple

I make as much ahead as I can. I premake soup or chili and freeze it and we always grill kabobs premade and marinated and frozen in large ziplocs on their skewers. Keep it simple. I also premake our sandwiches on rolls with mayo and mustard, meat and cheese and wrapped in saran wrap and placed in a plastic tub on top of the ice chest. This keeps me from having to pack meat, cheese and condiments in our ice chest. We add pickles and lettuce later. This is a genius camping hack to keep the ice chest free for other items.

ice chest organization, camping food

We always take our camping propane coffee maker. It makes the best coffee and a full pot that keeps warm. Just rinse out the pot after breakfast and you are done.

4. Make a camping list ahead of time

I make a list of all we need ahead of time and collect all the items in one area of our garage. Doing this ahead of time makes packing easier on the day we are leaving and when we return home we put it all back in this one spot so I can clean and put away at my leisure.

5. Store all your camping supplies together

We have a very inexpensive plastic cupboard in the garage most of our camping supplies fit in nicely. Our plastic bins sit next to it. Keeping everything in one place makes, organizing camping equipment makes it so much easier the next time you are ready for a camping trip.

camping equipment organization

These are a few of my camping tips for tent camping but we have tons of camping posts for RV camping too. You can find all our posts here.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sold Our Trailer, Now To Pick A New One

What will we choose as our next trailer? We sold our beloved trailer in May and our daughter married in June and now it is July and I really want to get our new trailer. Hubby is dragging his feet but I am of course obsessed with finding the right one.  That's half the fun is shopping for a new trailer.

vintage trailer art

We love the look of vintage trailers but we would never buy one. We just want a new one without the need or remodeling and restoration. And you know me I love a touch of red...

red vintage trailer kitchen

vintage trailer art

vintage camp decor

I have missed camping so much this summer we have thrown around the idea of going in our little tent but my arm and shoulder issues this summer will prevent that.

love is camping

So here is a real contender. These are new trailers called Vintage Cruisers and they have a real vintage look and feel but with all the new amenities. A/C a bathroom and a bed that fits my 6'4" husband is a must and one we can walk around as our old trailer had a bed we had to climb up into and now in our 50's we are over that. So I will keep you posted on what we get and of course a tour will be involved and let me know if you have ever seen one of these trailers??

vintage cruiser interior

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sunflower Themed Party Ideas

This past week our we hosted our daughter's wedding rehearsal dinner. We, Dean and I, went with a sunflower themed party idea with black and white check table linens. Perfect idea for a June wedding with the rehearsal dinner in our back garden.

sunflower wedding decorating ideas

When my husband and I were gathering our sunflower wedding decorating ideas we wanted to save money as always and chose to use our collection of black and white enamelware. You can see we even used our wall hanging enamel flower market container. Jars were inserted to hold the mix of sunflowers and zinnias from our garden.

black and white enamel decor

I used white table linens I already had and ordered the black and white check table runners from Amazon and a pack of black and white check napkins. It was very inexpensive to use these to bring in the checks we wanted.

black and white farmhouse decorating ideas

sunflower black and white check decor

I knew I wanted sunflower cupcakes for the dessert table and found a friend who is a talented baker and hired her to make them. They really were cute and set off the sunflower themed dessert table.

sunflower dessert table

sunflower cupcakes

We rented white chairs and filled all of our mason jars with sunflowers for table centerpieces with sunflowers. Along with yellow napkins from the dollar store, we had very frugal sunflower centerpieces for parties or wedding receptions.

table centerpieces with sunflowers, check table runner
 I hope you enjoyed a peek into our daughter's rehearsal dinner.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Growing Dutch Iris

Tips for growing Dutch Iris, the easiest spring bulb.

My irises are blooming!!

Dutch Iris

Tips for Growing Dutch Iris:

I love spring blooming Dutch Iris as they are carefree and every year you get more and more. My garden is full of purple and yellow Dutch iris that are from the first bulbs I bought over 20 years ago and have moved from one house to another.

1. In fall buy a bag of the bulbs and plant according to package directions. I have never even fed mine. They seem to thrive on neglect.

2. Water at least once a week through winter and when the green tips emerge.

3. Mine bloom in March and April. I enjoy and cut for bouquets.

4. Once blooms are spent I cut the plant back to about 6-8 inches to clean up the area but leave the greenery until it has full browned and then they are easy to pull out and toss. The dying stalks are what feeds the bulbs for next year. 

5. Every few years, dig up in winter and divide. This keeps them coming back year after year in mass and better than ever!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spring Garden Tour 2018

Come for a video tour of our spring garden for 2018.  When you have a small lot you have to cram a lot in a small space. I hope you can gather some small backyard garden ideas. With our daughter's wedding in a month, we are getting our yard ready for the rehearsal dinner.

southern California cottage garden

Southern California Cottage Garden

Lots of flowers and some edible gardening along with lots of pots and containers are my go to very small garden ideas. I am totally in love with this liquid flower fertilizer. It is amazing! My flowers are just bursting and I use it about every 10 days. You just use a cap full so it lasts a long time.