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Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Grill The Perfect Corn On The Cob

Let me just say, I have not boiled corn on the cob in years. We grill it baby!! Here is how to grill the perfect corn on the cob.

How To Grill The Perfect Corn On The Cob, barbecue, grilling

My dad was the king of barbecue but this tip comes from my mother. Growing up in Southern California, you get used to grilling year round. That gives you time to perfect those barbecue meals. This is so simple however that you will always want to cook your corn this way. No hot boiling pot of water in your summer kitchen.

How To Grill The Perfect Corn On The Cob, soaking corn in salt water

This is the perfect way to prepare corn on the cob while camping or out on a picnic where you are grilling. You will want to start the corn first on the barbecue to give it plenty of time to cook and steam right in the husk. This gives the corn the best flavor.
How To Grill The Perfect Corn On The Cob

Grilled Corn On The Cob

  • Corn on the Cob in the Husk
  • Heaping Teaspoon Salt
  • Water
Cooking Directions
  1. At least a couple of hours before your barbecue, fill a large pan or bowl with cool water and dissolve the salt by stirring in the water. Put the corn, still in the husk, in the water and submerge and let soak out on the counter. Prepare your grill to about 325 degrees. Remove corn from the salt bath and lay on the grill. Turn occasionally. Grill 35-40 minutes. Remove from grill, cool just a bit and peel. Add butter, salt and pepper. Enjoy! Grill temperatures may vary. We use a traditional charcoal grill but the temperature gauge reads roughly 325.


daisy g said...

I'll bet the taste is completely different from boiled corn. I think we need to get a grill!

Elaine Lewis said...

Yes, they steam in the husk but you get this great corn flavor from it too.

TelmaLoo said...

I have done this before, just you remove the silk first? I have always done this, but noticed it was not in the directions. Thx!

Sunny Simple Life said...

No we cook it silk and all. Some burns off and the rest peels away when you shuck it after it cooks.