Organizing the Spice Cabinet

Monday, June 28, 2010
Frugal Way to Organize the Spice Cabinet

A few weeks back I was feeling a little overwhelmed with chasing those deals so I took a week off and spent some time reorganizing a few things. This was a much needed spruce up of my spice cabinet.

 All those little bottles were always falling all over and spilling so I decided to purge some of the really old stuff and contain all the rest in white plastic bins. I picked up the bins at the 99cents store and got out my label maker which I love to find reasons to use and went to work scrubbing and organizing. I am happy with how it came out and it is working fine so far. Let me know what you think.


notes of sincerity said...

This is a fantastic idea.
I also have some similar plastic baskets in my pantry to hold different items, like boxes of jello and drink mixes, it is nice how tidy and convenient it makes the space. In my case I ended up making my own labels with a little scrap paper, ribbon and badge protectors. :o)
Thanks for sharing!!

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