Easy Freezer Cooking

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
I love the idea of freezer cooking. You prepare all these different meals and then freeze them so you don't have to be in the kitchen cookin every night. Well, like a lot of other things, the the thought of one day in the kitchen cooking for a month is absolutely overwhelming to me. Plus, I only have a small freezer in the house and in the garage so with all the other things I freeze, I would never have enough room. So  I came up with a way for me to make ahead and freeze meals that is so easy. In fact everyone is probably doing this too so I am wasting my typing here but I thought I'd share.

Whenever I cook a meal that is freezable I make at least two and sometimes three meals so I can cook one that night and freeze the others. Tonight it is lasagna.

I just set up an assembly line and make everything twice. As for the recipe I just use the one on the box of noodles.
I boil the noodles and cook the meat so all the dish requires is heating in the oven.
One box of lasagna noodles perfectly makes two pans of lasagna.

After I'm done I just cover with a layer of plastic wrap and then foil and write the date and what it is on the top and send one of the kids out to the garage to pop it in the freezer. I use these dishes on nights we are busy and I know I won't have time to cook.
Any casserole type dish will work well for freezing and soups are great too. If you don't want to put the grated cheese on something you can just grate that and place in a small ziploc and tape to the foil and freeze it along with the dish. It is nice to have dishes made for last minute pot lucks or to give someone that you want to make a dish for. Now it is already in your freezer to just grab and go.


notes of sincerity said...

This is a great idea. :o) Since we do not eat a whole lasagna at one time, we usually only eat about half and that may include lunch for my husband the following day, so I will freeze the other half for a future meal. :o)
A friend of mine will keep a container in her freezer for just vegetable left overs. As she cooks vegs and there are left overs, she just keeps adding them to the bucket. When it fills up, she makes a big pot of vegetable soup. :o) I have not tried that yet, but thought it was a good idea. :o)

prolix said...

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