Friday, February 4, 2011

Dreaming of Yellow

Why is there paint the color of bandaid and more importantly why did I pick it? A few years ago we had our kitchen cabinets sprayed and our walls painted and for some reason I picked the color below. My kids call it bandaid. It is the most dull color and I want to paint it. I am thinking a light buttery yellow. Reds pop against yellow. These are the same color but the second picture is more the real look of it.

Dullsville. Why did I pick this?

Here are some yellows I love. Yellow can be tricky. We painted a bedroom once and ended up dumping two gallons of white to finally be able to stand the yellow. It was Big Bird Yellow. I've learned my lesson with yellow. Bright on a paint swatch can equal a migraine on the walls.

                                                                         Country Living

How cute is this bathroom?

                                                                                              Country Living

I love the top right color. Just the perfect yellow for my kitchen.


  1. I just painted my dining room in a soft buttery yellow called "Provence Creme" by Behr. It is really beautiful. I definitely recommend it! You can take a look here:
    Go for it! I love yellow!

  2. I love yellow. My dining room is the only room in our house not white, and it is painted a yellow by Benjamin Moore called Golden Straw, but it has too much tan for the look you are going for. I can't wait to see the color you pick. I love paint! (And I love painting rooms)....

  3. I like the yellow in that picture too. I'm sure it's going to look lovely in your kitchen :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love yellow too. In fact, my bedroom is about the color you want to paint your kitchen, and I still love it after years. That yellow really goes with a lot of other colors. I used to have blues and reds with it, now I have peacock blue, chocolate brown and apple green, and it looks great too.
    I am really hoping to be able to paint my family room a butter cream yellow sometime this year!!

    Yea...paint can be fun when it comes out the way you planned but when it doesn't it is a real bummer! Hope you get to paint your kitchen soon, it would be a nice spring project that would perk things up!
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. I'm laughing at the color bandaid. Out of the mouths of babes and I'm laughing at the color swatch and migraines. :) Love love love the yellows and I love to see a yellow bright and cheery!!!! That bathroom is beautiful too!!! Go for it!!! (and take lots of pics.)

  6. I LOVE yellow ~ I painted my kitchen yellow and I just painted the main bath yellow ~ I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it ~ so sunny and cheerful ;-)

  7. As an avid and sometimes obsessive paint color changer, I had a buttery yellow kitchen that I adored. This year, I opted for a more mellow green to go with all of my antique mahogany :) I do miss my yellow though