Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Make the Perfect Fried Egg Sandwich - A Rainy Day Tale

Today the weather has turned cool and rainy. My usual morning meal of toast or cereal was just not going to cut it. I felt like a good old fried egg sandwich. First, if at all possible, use a pan that fries up nicely so that your egg gets good and crispy and brown along the edges. The best pan ever for frying an egg...Le Creuset.
I inherited this little pan when we bought this house. It is fabulous. The perfect size for a single egg, does not stick, but fries the egg crispy, the way I LOVE it. I use a dab of butter in the pan and break the yoke as soon as I drop the egg into the pan.

For the bread, I prefer sour dough, as it toasts up very crispy. And you must use a good mayonnaise on the bread. I like Best Foods, but whatever you prefer. When the egg is crispy, just place between the toasted bread and get ready for a yummy breakfast. I make these for the kids or my hubby when they are on their way out and need to take a hardy breakfast to eat in the car. Wrapped in tin foil, they stay hot for a long time.

Salt and pepper are my seasoning of choice. I like to eat the crispy edges first.

Some coffee and a bit of sunshine from the yard. My little one picked these for me on Sunday and we have been watching them go to sleep and close up every night and wake up and open, the next morning.


  1. I have never had a fried egg sandwich. I've had a scrambled egg sandwich. I sooo wish we lived close and you could fix me up one! You just make food sound so extra appealing (and I lack that particular talent!)

  2. My mama used to fix me fried egg sandwiches when I was a little girl. I always had them on buttered toast and ketchup instead of mayonaise. I think I am going to have to try one with mayonaise. I sounds real good.

  3. I haven't had a fried egg sandwich in years. Now I know what I can eat for breakfast and lunch - or maybe a snack tonight! What a fun post!

  4. My oldest daughter loves egg sandwiches. She loved them so much I taught her how to make them so I wasn't at the stove all day, lol. She makes 2 at a time when she does it! It is amazing how much they can eat at this age!!

  5. I'm new to reading your blog! I'm really enjoying your posts :) I usually will fry and egg and put it on a buttered piece of toast with a slice of cheese (b/w the egg and toast). YUM! but I'm going to have to try it with mayo and two slices of bread now.

  6. You've made me hungry! Sounds delicious. Maybe I'll try one tomorrow for breakfast. Mimi

  7. Have you ever had an egg in a hole? I make it sometimes for my family for breakfast. You take a piece of bread, and use a small glass to make a hole in the center of the bread. Then you place the bread in your pan on top of a pat of butter, break your egg, and put it inside the hole in your bread. Cook each side until done, and add salt and pepper to taste. We love them!

  8. These are good, haven't had one it a while. Love your pretty flowers, too! Have a great day and thanks for linking to my Share the Love party!

  9. I love fried egg and bacon sandwiches. Not often, you'll be glad to know!...but they are extremely delicious.


  10. Oh, I love fried egg sandwiches!

    But I make mine with mustard instead of mayo.

    And sometimes cheese, too.

    Maybe I should have one soon..............

    Love your plate---I think it is Blue Willow?

  11. It looks delish! I am not a fan of yolks, so I make just egg whites. Usually I will add cheese and a slice of honey ham.

  12. Yummy!!~
    Hope you feel better soon. I would love to feature your blog this coming Friday. Drop me an email so we can chat