Friday, April 29, 2011

My Dining Room aka the Cave

I never really photograph my dining room which I call "the cave", as it is a funny long room that is dark and does not have good lighting to take pictures in. An addition created this room out of an old den so it is quirky. Kind of like us. It is furnished in a mish-mash of hand me down pieces and those that I have picked up at thrift stores. The chairs don't really go but that is fine with me. The table is more formal than my tastes but it came with the house.

I am a simple gal and just put together everything I like with not much thought. Not good design sense I guess but I go for comfort and frankly what is available to use. The china cabinet was my mother in laws when she first was married. I just painted it white.

I did buy this dry sink at a store that was going out of business.

Love to fill it with seasonal items. That is the furniture I love most. Primitive and distressed. I don't think I will ever change it all as I am too cheap and have too many kids to put through college.

When you look back the other way you see the red couch that I still have not found any pillows for. I need to get out there and find some. It looks lonely without pillows.

We have most of our dinners here if the kids have friends over or family is coming for dinner. We can seat a lot of people in here so I love that about this room.

A stool I picked up at a yard sale for a $1.

We still have the funky old glass sliding doors that lead to the original patio.  We thought of removing them until our oldest had her first slumber party here and we shut the doors and could not hear a thing. We then knew those old doors would stay until our last daughter has her last slumber party. 
My mother in law and father in law were married here and had the head table on the original patio. It is now my large den which I love. We can fit lots of friends in there. My in laws fiftieth anniversary is next year so guess where the party will be? Here where their reception was.

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the cave, I mean my dining room. I like it and we have loads of happy memories in here.

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  1. Well, this is a very nice looking 'cave' . Love your eclectic furniture collection and the accessories -
    Hope you have a great weekend

  2. I think your dining room is wonderful! How nice to have a dedicated dining room also. We have an old fashioned eat-in kitchen. Love the memories that you have of that room and the furniture in it.
    Have a great day :)

  3. I think it's just perfect the way it is. So personal and so you which is my favorite thing of all.

  4. I love the collected pieces and all of the precious memories that have taken place in this room. You've decorated it beautifully. I always enjoy your vignettes, they are fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. I think your dining room is beautiful. ~Have a wonderful day~

  6. I love that red couch! Know what I'd do? I'd go get some red and white checked material, or some other color if you want, and make some. I like to sew with checks because it's easy to follow the seam line! Or stripes or both!

  7. I like your dining room. You have added so many fun accents. Really like your dry sink and the things you've put on it.

  8. Your room looks very comfortable and I LOVE those red chairs. I like your light fixture too. We have a patio that was enclosed (before we bought the house) and we turned that into our dining room! Our old dining room is now what we call our library. We don't have a slider to go out, but a single French door. It looks nice, but it's only one way traffic. Oh - no - it does not look like a cave!

  9. Your dining room is beautiful!
    It looks really warm and inviting and I love all your decorating bits and pieces.
    The little red chair on the wall is lovely!
    I have a real fondness for mis-matched furniture, which is just as well because that's what I've got :-D
    The couch under the far window is fabulous.
    If you can't find cushions yet, perhaps a nice snuggly throw or some nice fabric over one end will help you feel happier with it.
    I'd sit myself there and be very content!

  10. Oh, I like your cave. I am not a formal person at all, so I like your furnishings, especially your dry sink! Love that you have painted the old china cabinet. I know what you mean about keeping those doors. We left the french doors up when we made our screened porch into a sunroom. We live out there because that is where the tv is now. When the 10 yr old has company, we throw a matress in the floor out there, we shut the doors and never, ever hear a word! Isn't it wonderful?

  11. I think your collection of furniture is lovely. I have a little bit of this and that also and I am not ever changing it! Enjoyed snippets of the wedding....but I needed my sleep!!

  12. Your dining room is not a cave at all - I think it's charming and beautiful! I also love that red and white sofa. I think what I'd do to lighten up the room a bit would be to change the tablecloth to either a cream-colored one or a white one - and then add pretty white pillows to the couch. What do you think?

  13. I like your chairs! I think it is funny what you said about the sofa being lonely without throw pillows *giggles* I love that toile sofa. I love toile!!! It is classic, and it will never go out of style. Are you searching for pillows now or are you going to sew them?

  14. Your dining room is lovely and I love your dry sink too. Very cozy!

  15. Oh my I want the couch cover where can it be found. You have great taste...I'm loveing the china cabinet and red chairs. Trish

  16. Your dining room looks great! Love the china cabn't painted white, and that dry sink is such a wonderful place for vignettes. I am IN LOVE with your red toile sofa! laurie

  17. I was so excited about your sofa, I forgot to thank you for linking to Favorite Things. Thanks so much. laurie

  18. I have enjoyed my tour of your dining room! That's a very nice large table. The china cabinet is so pretty! Love your red sofa too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Hi,
    I came visiting from The House in the Roses.
    I love your dinning room and your white hutch is wonderful! Also I love your sofa...Red is my favorite color so I just adore it. It has been a pleasure reading your post today.
    Have a sweet day and hugs,
    P.S. I have become a follower.

  20. I love "your cave" ... however, it's not a cave at all ... it's gorgeous !! Thanks for sharing !!

  21. I LOVE your cave...why in the world did I miss this post too! Hmmm...well, anyway's you have style my dear. I really do love it...Mica