Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Frugal Challenge Update-Cheap or Free

Okay who is dying from these high gas prices? We are. (Hands Up) We are a three car family and the increase in gas prices here in CA is killing me. Had to have a little sit down with the college age daughter to enlighten her on the monthly fuel bill. It wasn't pretty. She helps some but it is still incredible, couple that with the hikes at the grocery store my mantra now has to be cheap for free.

Free: The view out my front window looking at my volunteer sunflowers.

Free: These will become free bird food in about a month and the little birds will spread them around the garden for next year.  I have not bought sunflower seeds in 10 years. They just reseed like crazy.

Cheap: Leftover scratch cornbread from last night's dinner covered in butter and honey makes a great breakfast.

Free: Some really great coffee snagged from Amazon.com. Zero out of pocket because I used gift cards from Swagbucks. It is some good stuff man.

Free: Rain watering my garden. What state do I live in? We don't get rain in So. Cal. in June. That is crazy but I will take the free watering for my yard.

Cheap: Banana raspberry bread made from old bananas from the freezer and some not too appetizing looking frosty raspberries that when rinsed really well, made a nice addition to the banana bread. I hate to throw any food away. If you have over ripe bananas, toss them in the freezer and just get them out about an hour before baking or toss them frozen in a smoothie.


  1. yeah WHAT is up with all this rain we are getting???? and yup...gas is killing us too..hubby drives to West Covina everyday....luckily Im not working anymore..I was driving to Riverside...ugh!

  2. We are definitely feeling the crunch too! I like your attitude--cheap or free!!


  3. That's how it has to be for us too! Cheap or free.

  4. After taking a vacation, we are now on a cheap or free plan for the summer. We live a few miles out of town and I really try to combine trips or sometimes stay at home for days at a time. I don't mind, there is so much to do!

  5. Petrol is high here too - the chevy truck is really not getting used now.

    We enjoy being frugal - so we can buy what we like.

    I don't bother defrosting the banana's - just toss them in frozen in either a smoothie, a cake or muffins - they thaw fast.

    Love Leanne

  6. Fortunately, I can walk almost everywhere I need to go, but my husband is a contractor so he is driving all over town and it's sooo expensive! Everyone has been hit by the high prices ~ so Cheap or Free is our new mantra!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Yeah, what is it about the gas prices here? Bad in San Diego, too... We had rain, also! Weird. A bad news/good news thing about the rain is that we have a leak in the roof...but now we know about it... Your photos are fantastic. I especially love the sunflowers. The snails eat any sunflower plants that come up here before they ever get anywhere so I really enjoy it when I see fully grown ones! =-)

  8. Free is great!
    The gas prices in our part of Utah are hovering around $3.70 a gallon. We also have 3 cars, but my husband is lucky enough to be able to participate in a car pool. That, coupled with his 12 hour work day schedule makes it so that we don't have to drive too much.
    Love your attitude! You are in good company.... everyone I know is living more frugally. We just need to stay positive, and be creative :)
    Hope you have an awesome day!

  9. Excellent idea by the way. Care to share your bread recipe?

  10. You are my kind of girl!!! I seriously want some corn bread now!!! I love honey on mine too! I also love it on biscuits too!! Your first picture is lovely!!

    Have a good day!

  11. Ouch! Yes the gas prices have sure cramped my style. And food prices are way out of line... I to am always looking for a bargain. Hugs, Diane

  12. I want to come to your house for breakfast!

  13. The prices for food and utilities are a constant struggle to balance, especially for large families.
    I loved reading the post and thanks for linking up

  14. Love all your garden pictures! Cuteness everywhere and love the bedroom make over too!


  15. The best entertainment I had this weekend was with the puppy and a 40p bottle of bubble mix. Great fun! xx

  16. Beautiful pictures--especially that first one peeking through the flags! Thanks for linking this post to Share the Love Wednesday!

  17. I hear ya about the gas prices! I love the idea of freezing bananas--have never thought of that! I'm also thrifting closer to home for awhile--I think everybody is feeling the squeeze right now. Great post!

  18. I peel overripe bananas, wrap them in plastic wrap or put into a plastic bag. I eat them frozen as is - a delicious and healthy substitute for ice cream. You could slice before frozen for small portions - maybe for youn children?