Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grandma's Baked Beans

Grandma's baked beans are the best doctored bean recipe out there. Okay, hands down these are the best baked beans I have ever had. My love affair with them started when I had them at BBQ with my then fiance's family. This is how his grandma doctored up canned beans to make yummy baked beans. So easy. I will eat these cold from the fridge for breakfast the next day.

Grandma's molasses baked beans recipe is perfect with our moist tender barbecue chicken.

doctored baked beans

Grandma's Baked Beans
Serves 12-15
This is for a large batch for company. Cut in half for just your family.

  • 2- 28 oz. cans baked beans. I like Bush's.
  • 2 tbs spoon mustard (not dry) Mustard like French's
  • 2 tbs molasses
  • 1/4 c. brown sugar. I like the sweetness. Add less if you'd like.
  • 1/4 c. onion in long slices
  • 4 slices of uncooked bacon cut in one inch pieces (We use turkey but use what you prefer)

Pour beans in 9 x 13 pan, add all other ingredients except bacon and stir really well.
Lay pieces of bacon across top of beans and put in 350 degree oven for at least 60 -90 minutes. The top should look good and dark and caramelized.



  1. I love me some baked beans. I would eat them cold too! They are so good and sweet it's like eating dessert for dinner.

  2. Perfect summer BBQ food! I'll give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  3. Is your Gram from the South? I have been eating baked beans this way since I was a kid. And I had to laugh when I read your words...."doctored up" because that is exactly what my Mom called it, and I do as well. Yummy. How about pork n bean cold salad? Ever have that??? Mmmmm!!!

  4. My Mom ate beans cold, and on pancakes and even made sandwiches with them... These look great and Thank you for the "Doctored Up"(Oh Yes my family used that term too) recipe.
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. They look delicious! Your recipe looks similar to the texas baked beans I make. But I like yours with the bacon on top!

  6. Oh! Gonna try a veggie version, sans bacon... My mom used to doctor up canned beans, too...she was probably from the same generation as your DH's grandma...I loved them, almost as much as her from-scratch ones, and they are so much easier. Thanks for this recipe, will try them this weekend!

  7. Mmmmmmmmm............with summer on it's way this is something I'll be making, for sure.... they look yummmm-o!

    Warm blessings,

  8. yum sounds gooood, we eat them hot we eat them cold,, we go the USA to buy Bush beans ,, maybe I will try these!

  9. Wow - looks great! PERFECT addition to any BBQ!

    I'd love for you to link these at my summer long party!

    "Life's a Picnic!" party!

  10. Oh my goodness,
    I would just love those bean with all that wonderful bacon on top. They just look delicious! It is a great recipe I would have to have seconds.
    Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday, have a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  11. I saw this post in your "You might like..." section, and this is a great recipe! They look SO good. I copied the recipe to try it - thanks for sharing, and thanks to Grandma!