Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Toys

Aren't old toys the best? Made of quality materials and bright colors. I love to use them in display.

My husband's old Tonka trucks from when he was a boy give a ride to my little Mia doll.

They are still used by our littlest one but only in the house as we don't want them to get rusty out in the yard. I bet a toy from now would never last that many years.

This rough around the edges little sewing machine was picked up for a few dollars at an antique's store about twenty years ago.

This top is from the early 60s. My husband said it was always at his grandma's house when they were growing up. All the little ones used to and still do play with it but I have it in a tray of goodies when not in use.

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  1. Those are terrific toys! Sure looks cute to decorate with them too. It wouldn't be nearly as cute to decorate with a laptop computer, or an i-pod :)
    My how times have changed. I loved those days when all it required to stay entertained was a sunny day and a bit of imagination :)

  2. Love the old trucks. I have an old toy sewing machine also. Wish I had more old toys. they are wonderful!

  3. When my girls were little - my mother in law would shop antique stores and find toys that I used to play with as a kid and give them to my girls... It was really cool..
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  4. I love the little sewing machine! You've displayed the toys so well. It's great that you get to enjoy them each day.

  5. I wish I could find my old sixties Tonka powder blue VW Beetle!

  6. Absolutely DARLING displays. Love the fresh approach.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  7. These are great! I love the tiny sewing machine :) I have some of these as well. Always love your creativity!

  8. I love vintage toys! Not so happy about MY toys being now vintage, but that's a different story...lol
    That sewing machine is really cute!!!

  9. I love vintage toys! I had one of those spinning tops and I loved it. Great vignettes. The toys they make now typically do not withstand the test of time.

    ~ Tracy

  10. Oh, I love the top! Isn't it amazing how well made the old toy were.

  11. I love old toys and you have some great ones. My husband's father started a collection of cast iron toys for him when he was little. We can't afford to add to it very often. But I love to keep them out and decorate with them.

  12. I love the VW Beetle. Back in the 1960's my DH had two of them. Thanks for the memories.

  13. Old toys were sturdy, not like the flimsy things of today--which is why they are still around to use in displays!


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  14. Wonderful toys!!! I wish they made toys like they use to.

  15. Very cool! I love vintage toys, I use them to decorate with too. Great minds right? :)

  16. Love little Mia in the truck! I collect old toys also. My sister gave me quite a few of her old tin toys to add to my collection. I too let the grand children play with most of them. I have a few that are a little fragile. I have that same top. The tiny sewing machine is a jewel!

  17. I love old toys! I have a whole room for my dolls so when I find a toy or book...that's where I display them! You really put together a great look! It's FUN! ♥

  18. All your vintage toys look wonderful displayed! It makes for a fun vignette that you want to stop and look at each item! thank you for joining TTF and have a wonderful weekend!