Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Potty Training the Reluctant Child

Okay, one last post on this topic I promise. Then never again will these words be spoken. Most of you are past this point but for a few who might be looking for encouragement, I wanted to share my experience. Now, you think you know it all when it comes to potty training and then you get the kid that stumps you or maybe is smarter than you. Who knows. If you can relate then you know where I am with this little one. Things don't always go easily with this her, especially if it is not her idea.

Here is what I have learned potty training my fourth and most reluctant of children. 

1. Do decide to potty train and carve out about two weeks to stay home and just focus on the task.
     I was able to get out and have older kids or hubby keep her at it but for the most part, I was the main potty trainer.

2. Just let your little one know when they wake up one day that diapers are for only night time and naps and slap on those cute panties or big boy pants and let her rip. We tried to stay outside a lot the first day for accidents and I just brought the potty outside. It is warm here so you will have to adjust to your weather.

3. Don't be afraid to put that potty seat in strange places. I had it in front of the TV with a big blanket and towels underneath for a few days so I could get her to sit there. Remember this is a reluctant one so this was my best bet on getting her to do this.

4. Keep your cool and when accidents occur just keep encouraging. By the third day I thought maybe this wasn't going to work as she had just pee peed a few times on the potty but just when I wanted to give up, she totally got it by the fourth day.  Give lots of drinks and fruit and veggies to make #2 easier.

5. Treats of all sorts really worked with this kid. I literally bribed her the first few days with clearance toys I had tucked away. Frankly, a few toys are cheaper than a pack of diapers so go for it.

6. Don't try to get much done while doing this. I literally stayed with her to keep an eye on her and remind her for the first few days. Keep your stress down so theirs will too.

7. Now three-four weeks out she is totally trained and has gone in a public restroom (YUCK) and at grandma's even when I forgot  her little seat. I am so glad I did not give up. I still put a diaper on her at night and nap time as she is not always dry. I just remove it as soon as she wakes up. My fourth daughter has been the hardest, but I have lots of experience so I knew it would happen.


  1. Congrats to you and your daughter! My joke has been that no child went off to college in diapers!

    I was a part time nanny to a 4/almost 5 year old who just would not use the potty. It was so upsetting because he wanted to do it, but for some reason he couldn't. His mom was a doctor, so they knew there was no medical reason. I'm not sure at what point he was trained since I left that job for another, but I'm glad I don't have to do that again!

  2. Another mile stone :)
    Next time we worry about P.T., it will be with future (very much in the future) grandkids too :)
    Have a happy day !!

  3. Congrats...and my daughter did her own potty training with her kids...thank you!

  4. I so remember this little adventure. It can certainly take one to one's knees. I have all the little details tucked away in the recesses of my memory to share with my daughter when the time comes. ha! ha! ha! (oh my, did that sound like an evil laugh?:)

  5. LOL.....aw, how I do remember! And I am so glad you have succeeded!! You will do it again, with grands, but it won't be your full responsibility. I am home, and catching up!
    HOT here!

  6. Hey, me again. I just read all the posts of yours that I missed while away, and saw the photo of your beautiful family. Wow...I didn't know you had all girls!!!! All beauties too. Such a happy looking bunch!!!

  7. My kids are 21 and 23 and I'm proud to say, they are potty trained! It's been a lifetime ago but I will never forget this experience. I think my son was naked for a year during that period.

  8. My sons are 30 and 31 and I think they were in training pants and a t shirt for weeks during the training part...memories!Don't let her grow up too fast...I would gladly go back...

  9. well good for you.I know its such a relief to put the diapers behind,, and they're so pricey too.My grand daughter is 22 months so I felt your pain, hopefully she will be an easy trainer,

  10. Congrats! What a big accomplishment! I have helped potty train a gazillion little kids over the past 20 something years. (I work with children.)

  11. Good work. My grandson was a breeze but my granddaughter is giving my daughter a run for her money. I'll have to have her read this post.