Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spoon Holder

I have a small collection of sterling presidential spoons and really wanted a spoon holder to display them. Cheap was my price range. Low and behold I found one at a yard sale for 10 cents. SOLD! 

I am sure it is cheaply made but with a little acrylic paint and some stain it came out great. Now I just need more spoons.

This is a brief post as blogger keeps freezing on me and not saving what I have typed. UUgh!!

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  1. You are so lucky! What a deal!especially for something you were really looking for.

  2. now thats a perfect spoon rack,, just simple and the only price better than that would be ,, fee!I like the candles as well,

  3. great buy! I still have my Grandmothers, and it is hanging in my dining room. Love cleaning them, thinking of her and changing out the display with family pieces.

  4. I love this and I adore the candles hanging from looks gorgeous! And I just saw your kitchen make-over--WOW!!! What a fabulous kitchen!

  5. My Mother collected twisted handle butter knives and when she cornered the market on those, she started on sugar shells. Both the knives and spoons are displayed on similar racks on every possible bare spot left in the house...not even kidding. Man...I HATED dusting those!

  6. You totally scored a great deal! Awesome :)
    Looks great and I think it's fun that you collect spoons.
    Hope you have a great 4th of July !!

  7. Yep, that's my kinda price - so proud of you. Love your presidential spoons, and love the candles hanging below them. Great job!

  8. This is a winner Elaine! Elegance at low cost! I love it!!!!

  9. I thought I had a great deal on my $1 spoon holder; you certainly beat that deal. It looks really nice with your spoons.

  10. Hi Elaine, What a deal on the spoon holder! Now you have room to collect more. Thanks for joining my party and take care.