Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer's Bounty

I love all the good fruit this time of year. You can just cut it up and serve for dinner and no cooking required. 
We had the above with BLTs last night. So refreshing.

My impatiens and coleus are thriving as long as I water them daily. It is very hot and humid today so we are hiding indoors.

We picked two more bowls of these last night so I will make another batch of my homemade sauce for the freezer. The recipe is here.

My dogs have been busy at their water bowl in the yard as well as a lot of birds looking for a source of water.

But I tell you I am itching to change out some of my summer vignettes. I have a few ideas and am gathering things right now. I love the fun of changing these areas up. Grown up play for sure.


  1. These are terrific photos!! Some made me hungry!

  2. That is exactly what we have been living on! BLT's, cantelope, grapes, strawberries! Anything COLD! Looks good Elaine! Your tomatoes are beautiful.

  3. beautiful photos,,, yum!!!

  4. a meatless meal in the summer, corn, tomato's, green beans you name Mom's favorite.

    love the green plaid thermos!

  5. My kind of fruits and veggies...I'm really not a meat eater.
    the last photo is precious...very warm and inviting...

  6. We have really enjoyed all of our fresh garden food also, Elaine, but.......I am sooo ready for this heat to be over with. It is killing the garden anyway. Hubby is already talking about planting the fall garden. We aren't getting buckets of tomatoes like we were, but still enough for sandwiches, and to slice with the other veggies. Enjoying while we can. Have a great week!

  7. I'd love to come eat at your place! I haven't had a BLT in ages.

  8. We grow up and our toys become the real ones instead of the imitation ones. I can remember decorating my barbie doll house that I made out of a box and pretending to cook in her kitchen.
    Your garden bounty looks delicious! I cannot wait for tomatoes out of my garden, I am so sick of tomatoes that taste like water.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, cindy

  9. I bet last night's BLT dinner was delicious! I'm so ready to re-decorate - why does the beginning of August feel like it should be the end of summer, I guess we're just so tired of the heat and humidity. I failed to water my impatiens daily and unfortunately, they show it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics.


  10. Nothing is better than Summers Bounty!!

  11. We have been eating like that almost every night! I love it too. And I loved waking up to the thunder and rain today. My yards needed it!!

  12. Hello,

    That's right! They are fresh, it is hot...a perfect meal!


  13. Mmm! BLT's and bowls full of fresh fruit sounds wonderful to me!! Perfect summertime food.

  14. omg lucky you...I have only gotten about 4 tomatos so far.....I just dont get enough sun in my yard:(

  15. What a cute vignette!

    - The Tablescaper