Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nothing Like the Beach for Me!

We had a wonderful time at the beach this weekend. It was sunny and warm when we arrived so we quickly got things settled and headed for the sand. This was our view from the right to the left. Pretty crowded right?

That is our family in the water above. I love to head to the beach in Sept. No crowds.

My beach babes:

My 3rd daughter and her cousin. I am sad as my oldest didn't get to go on any family trips this summer. She was working and had school again so couldn't get away. She had clinicals at the hospital she could not miss.

Hubby and I.

On Saturday we headed a few miles inland to Solvang. It is such a cute little tourist town all dressed in Danish sweetness. I bought way too many pastries. Bakeries are everywhere.

After a spin through a drive thru coffee place for a latte to go with our danish, we headed back to the beach for an afternoon swim. Hated to come home and I think this may be our last trip in the trailer for the summer. I always am a little sad when I clean her all up and close her for the winter. I love heading out in her but hubby is ready for a few weekends at home and our getaway in October in a hotel. He is not as enthused with the whole camping thing like I am. He enjoys it but reminds me he works outside all the time so he likes to stay indoors every once in a while. Okay so torture me. A hotel it is next.


  1. Nice pictures. Looks like fun!

  2. Such a nice get-away for your family.....Solvang is one of my favorite towns.


  3. Looks like such a nice time. I always feel sad about our last trip to the beach every summer. And my husband is kind of tired of camping too - too much work for him. But that was with our pop-up. I think I have him talked into a trailer, I hope!

  4. Looks like fun! I love is one of my favorites...there's a little place to eat out of town that is so cowboy tacky...but with the best food...and root beer floats for dessert!!

  5. I agree the Beach is a very peaceful place for me I lOVE the sound of the waves~ Hugs, Diane

  6. Sounds like a great time. Love all the pics of everyone in their beach hats.

  7. How much dun, Elaine. I love the photos you posted. The town looks so quaint! I had never heard of it before you posted about it.

    I am happy y'all had such a nice time.

  8. Looks like fun!
    More memories made :)

  9. I love going to the beach in the off season. The little tourist town looks so quaint! I love places like that. And there's that Latte' again! You are killing me now!

  10. I am fascinated by that town. It's so clean and neat, it looks like you could eat off the streets.
    It's nice you can get away to a cute place.
    Glad you had fun !!