Monday, November 7, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

This weekend I had a wonderful day meeting and playing with some fellow bloggers. Sweet Patty from Lemon Lane Cottage invited me to tag along with her and her sister in law on a little road trip down to meet another blogger I know many of you will know, Maryjane with The Beehive Cottage. What a fun day. First we made a stop at Patty's sister in law's house. What a treat. Shelly is not only one of the nicest people ever but her house is just eye candy you can't believe. Think of the cutest cottage you have ever seen in red and white. I just couldn't take it all in it is that cute. I didn't take pics because we were in a hurry but oh how I wish I would have. We want her to start a blog to share her darling home. You would love it as much as I do I am sure. Shelly it's time!! Share your home with us!!!

Anyway we headed down to Murrieta to Ivy Street Market where Maryjane had her vintage cutie trailer and all her wonderful vintage paper goods. We shopped and chatted and she is just the sweetest, warm lovely thing ever. She gifted us each with some wonderful items from her goodies and we were just overwhelmed with her generosity. We hope to see her again soon so we can get together and visit. If you haven't seen her darling paper goods you can visit her etsy shop here

And the day kept getting better. As we were visiting with Maryjane who would we see also visiting the little trailer but Kris from Simplify. I was thrilled. She hugged us all and went along with us for lunch and we had the best time getting to know her. I am good blogging friends with her so to see her and give her a hug was wonderful.

Last Patty, Shelly and I went to the new Hobby Lobby for the first time. Patty and I had not been yet so it was so exciting. Boy was it packed. They have so much in there it is overwhelming. I wanted to post pics I took but I had my old camera and for the life of me cannot find the cord I need to upload my pics. I am already having one of those weeks. You know the kind, if you think of all you have to do you might cry. Yep one of those. At the end of the week we are heading out of town so I have to throw packing into that.

Thanks so much Patty for including me and to Maryjane for our wonderful gifts and to Shelly for sharing your home with me and to Kris for showing up at the perfect time so we could meet. Blogging has opened such a lovely group of women to me that I otherwise would never have met. I love you guys!!! I wish I could meet all my blogging friends. That would be so awesome!!


  1. That sounds like so much fun...wish I could have tagged along too! :D

  2. Elaine, I had the BEST time on Saturday!!! Meeting Maryjane and seeing her darling trailer, then the icing on the cake was bumping into all of you!!!!! I have a blog post planned too. Wish...oh how I wish, I had tucked my camera into my bag that day!!! It was just the nicest kind of surprise!!!!!
    XO Kris
    PS You are every bit and more that I knew you would be. I felt like I had known you for years!!!!

  3. What fun! That's the cutest trailer I've ever seen.

  4. So So jealous! How fun. Can't believe you ran into Kris! Isn't she just the best? Going to head over to check out all of your links now.

  5. Elaine you are adorable! It is amazing how blogs really bring out the real personalities of a blogger! You are just what I thought you would be! I am so looking forward to meeting up with all of you agin soon and you are so very welcome for the goodies! Thank you for coming so far to meet me, along with Patty, Shelly and Kris! A day I shall always remember!


  6. Looks like you all had a great time!! That is so cool!

    Amy B