Saturday, February 11, 2012

Regaining Control of My Blog

You may have noticed a few changes on my header. I am thrilled. I loved my old one but didn't really own it as they say.

I have been on a mission to get full control of my blog. Over a year ago I decided to try and make my blog cuter and not knowing much about headers and html, I hired it done. I loved the header she created but she did all the work of implementing the changes and had the images in her Photobucket account. One day I woke up and my whole blog was a Photobucket warning, you know the one. She did update her account but I have been anxious to have ownership of my header and the account it is in.

The blog designer I used had moved onto other things and I was at a loss as to how to do the changes and in came Brenda and Claudia. Without my even asking, they came in and helped me figure out how to get the old header out of my html and my new one in. Brenda sent me many mock ups and Claudia walked me through some learning steps on the phone. I am so indebted to them. We are all busy yet they took so much time to get me through all this. Thank you dear blogging friends for your kindness. I owe you.

Anyway, I am dragging this out but I want to share this experience with you so that you all know that if you hire someone to help you with your blog, be careful to make sure you have the headers and such in your photo accounts as well as knowing how and where the items were placed on your blog. We invest a lot of time in our blogs and to have parts of it disappear and you not having control over it, is a nightmare.

I know there are lots of great designers out there but if you are going to use them keep my struggle in mind.

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  1. Thanks for the good advice. I've been thinking of hiring a designer and would not have thought of this. And your blog looks adorable!

  2. I love the new header. I love being able to change my header seasonaly and wouldn't want someone else to have control. It was really nice of them to over support and it is so amazing that they could walk you through it from so far away. Thanks for the beautiful little rose bush. I hope to have it in the ground soon.

  3. Love your blogs new look. I had a similar experience that I will tell you about in person. Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the design! Love that you did it yourself even more! Learning something new is always a challenge, but worth it! Think of the great lessons your kids learned seeing mom tackle something new and hard and to keep at it until she achieved her goal!! (getting off my soapbox now)
    Great job!

  5. Thanks for the advice. My header was done by someone last year. I never gave this a thought.
    ~ Sarah

  6. I was so happy to help you, Elaine! I needed a distraction in my day, and so did Claudia. I just think it's great that a distraction for us brought some feelings of control for you! We women gotta help one another!

  7. Your new header looks great, I hate to say it but sometimes it is just better to learn how to do things yourself. I love your series on thrifty living. What a great bunch of women!

  8. Great advice. I have always done my own headers. Not sure they are 'professional' but somehow they are me and that's important. I'm glad you own your own stuff now! hugs, Linda

  9. It looks real nice...I am so glad I have daughters that help me when I call in a panic! ;D

  10. Love, love, love the new header. Very smart.

  11. Your new header is very pretty, and that is a good alert you share.
    As for me, I do it all myself, as you can see, ha ha. I might make my blog more cute one day!

  12. Love your header and wasn't that so sweet of Brenda and Claudia to help out. Your blog is full of cuteness!

  13. Your Blog has a very Cheerful look to it - Love that!

  14. Your header does look great! I also hired someone to design my blog. I was simply too impatient to design on my own and wanted the flexibility to change it up once it was done. This is great advice because you just never know.

  15. I love your new header, very pretty!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. The pleasure was mine, Elaine! And you gave great advice that everyone should take note of.


  17. Your header is very cute and seems to be so you! I have had the same header since I looks like my day I may try and change it...I really like yours a lot!

  18. With my first blog, I hired someone to design it for me as I had no idea as to where to start. In the meantime, I did my homework because I wanted to have control over when and how to make changes without having to explain it to someone else and wait for it to get done the way I wanted. I did alot of Google searches, looked for alot of design tutorials/tips on other blogs and was able to design most of it myself other than the background paper. I used a free one. I'm wanting to change the background paper but haven't taken the time to do my homework on that one yet. I like your new header. ;) You go girl!

  19. The first thing I noticed is your new header, and I love it...*especially* all the red in it!

  20. Elaine, I see we both love red and I have blue willow dishes too.

    I used a designer and she has been great to me. I am very pleased with my experience. I am glad you were able to regain the control you desired.

    I love reading your blog. (my middle name is Elaine ;)

  21. Very interesting and a good warning.

    I do blog makeovers... and the first thing I ask my clients to do is open a account if they don't already have one - and that's where I post all their blog backgrounds, headers, buttons, blinkies, signatures, custom sidebar headings etc. So my clients have full control of THEIR stuff!

    I'm actually shocked that a designer would retain items the client owns and has paid for.

    I also have a blog dedicated to computer and blogging fixes, and another one with freebie backgrounds etc - and have free tutorials on writing your own email button etc. Plus a ton of links to other blogs that also offer tutorials.

    I'm apalled that you've had such a bad time, and well done to you for getting yourself out of the hole and finding such good solutions. Your blog looks great too!

    All the best, Susie

  22. I just love your new header. I recently redid mine and I am very happy with it, because it is me. I think it is very important for us to own our blogs. After all they are a reflection of who we are.

  23. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit, and I love your new header. That was really kind of Brenda and Claudia to help you. I just had mine done by a professional and I never thought of that...YIKES. I have always done mine myself. But got tired of not achieving the look I wanted. I do have back up headers so if this is to happen I can go back to an old one for sure.

  24. Sorry that happened to you! I like the new header. The cherries in the second picture from the left are so cute! I would love to see a larger version of that picture--pweeeeeze?

  25. I really love it! You wouldn't know it by my blog but red has been my all time favorite color, I even had red countertops in my old looks great.

  26. I have had a lot of the same concerns. I wanted to make changes and did so...some okay and some awful that had to stick around until I figured some things out. After much messing around, things are totally in my control and I am happy with the results.

  27. That's really good advice. Right now, I do everything on my blog myself...but someday I might hire someone to make it look more professional. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  28. Hi Elaine! I just stumbled onto your post. THank You! I know so little about the how tos ..Headers are beautiful and your blog is great. Just stumbling along in my blog...ha! Sunny109 (Dianna)