Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dirt Under My Nails

You know when I spotted this gal at the thrift store for $1.99 I had to have her. I think she will reside on the window sill.
Yesterday I mowed the front lawn. I only do one lawn at a time. Now you may ask why I do the lawn and the answer for now is that I love it and am available to do it. Our oldest did it for about seven years but with school and the hospital she is never home and number two has many allergies which keep her from doing it. Number three may learn soon but she is a big helper in the yard and keeps number four busy while I am working. My husband does it when he has time but because of long work hours I prefer him to spend any chore time on projects I cannot do.
We took the girls out the last couple of days for some time in the sun on the lawn. They love it and take a big nap after they head in. I clean their box everyday. Maybe not necessary but it smells better if I do. When we move them to the garage in a bigger box I won't be able to do it but for now I am.

Everything is blooming so beautifully right now. Love spending time out there with the warm sun on our backs.

I am trying a method of growing potatoes in a large container. This pot is enormous. About three feet tall but I fear the inside is not getting enough sun. No action yet. You let them sprout and grow a couple of inches and then keep adding more soil and repeat the process. Not sure this is going to work.

Been clearing out where the chicks will go eventually. This space looks really narrow here but is actually about three feet wide and twenty feet long. It gets midday sun. I am about half done. The coop will be at the far end with lids on the laying boxes so I can come around the other way and get the eggs but I will be able to go in the front way to clean the enclosed run and feed the girls. I was so tired when I came in. I have the hands of a man I swear and I wear gloves but they just still get so dirty out there.


  1. You seem to be having great fun with those chicks! The flowers made me smile.

  2. You certainly did find a sweet gal and the price was great. I have always taken care of our yard. It's great therapy for me. Live your chicks. Have a sunshine filled day

  3. Hi Elaine~
    I have that same cookie jar...was going to say it's on my header...but it's not. I keep it on top of my stove...I never put cookies in it. But I like it.
    I'm like you. I do the lawn. Honey rides the riding mower. I've never really liked doing that. I'd rather push. I like to weed eat too~ this week instead of weed eating...I used a YO-YO. Sort of like a scythe.I used it under some of the big cedar trees. It's hard to ride under there...anyway. I think the plans for you chickens sound nice. I've see people grow potatoes in containers. You garden like me-- a learning experience for sure!

    have fun!

  4. Working in the yard is always hard work...but so worth it! As I get older I pay for it the next day...but I smile when I can see the pots filled with flowers!!

  5. Seriously sister need to move to a farm. You mow the lawn, you are my hero. Your baby chicks are the cutest things I am sooo going to try the amonia things with my burners.
    blessing to you.

  6. That sweet chicken is adorable! I wondered how dirty it was for you to get dirt under your nails! heehee! It's beautiful weather for working outside! ♥

  7. Love that rooster, if he comes up missing check central Virginia first :) Your flowers are gorgeous, can't wait to plant mine. Love hearing about your chicks, keep us posted. Hugs ~ Mary

  8. I am very interested to hear how your big pot of potatoes goes. I've thought about doing that, as flat ground for a big garden isn't something I have.

  9. Hi Elaine,
    Your chicken cookie jar is so cute. I don't usually do the lawn, but I would if asked. Hubby just seems to like to do it. The chicks looked so cute enjoying their fresh air.

  10. Better keep an eye on that cookie jar, it might be missing next time I visit. Love it!

    Your yard is a haven Elaine.



  11. Glad to see you still have all four chicks! I always loved puttering around in the yard and garden. Can't do it anymore and I miss it so much.

  12. Pleased all your chicks are doing so well.
    I grew potatoes in containers last year, did it all right on 3 crops, fed, watered and earthed up, five potatoes in each container. Sorry to say that I had just about a meals worth out of each one :o( The best crop was from spuds that had sprouted in the pantry and not seed potatoes! I'm not a novice gardener and was frankly bemused at the results - hope yours fair better!
    Rose H

  13. Guess what I bought yesterday, Elaine? A chicken coop! My daughter is saving me some of her rescue hens.
    I've never grown potatoes in a pot so can't help you there. ~ Maureen
    ps - you are such a good chick mommy!

  14. I wish I was able to still work my yard...I used to spend a whole day outdoors and in the evening it felt so good to sit on my porch and look on what I had accomplished...Now,my poor yard is so haggard and sad looking. I have one little plant box by the door that I try and keep tended which at this time very much needs some tender loving care :) Blessings

  15. All your little chicks must be overjoyed being in the sunshine!

  16. Hi Elaine,
    Love the cookie jar!
    Your chickens are so cute and your plans for their home and coop sound really good.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  17. Love your new find. She is adoreable. Your plants are looking so good, I want to plant, I'm chomping at the bit, but trying to hold off. It's usually after May 1, before we plant outdoors???? My lettuce that I planted Monday is already coming up. The chicks look right at home, you are such a mommy! they will prosper fast.

  18. Love your new find! Your chicks are adorable. They sound like fun to have.
    The flowers in the wagon are so pretty. I have grown sweet potatoes in a large pot and they did great!

  19. I have a white ceramic chicken like that, mine has an egg on the other side of it! Love your babies, so cute! (I am going private with my blog, if you care to follow, come and leave me your email) :D

  20. Love that chicken.
    The plants in the wagon look so pretty! TFS!

  21. Your flowers are so pretty in that wagon! Love your new baby chickens. Thanks for the tip for cleaning the stove things. I'll be trying it as soon as I get some ammonia! Mimi

  22. Hi Elaine! The flowers in the wagon gave a refreshing look after a long tiring day.

  23. I used to always cut the grass when my girls were growing up. I loved doing it. Your flowers look so beautiful. I can't wait until we can start planting the pots.

  24. I like to mow our yard too, Hubby will do it but he has bad knees and works hard at his job, so I am happy to do it.
    It is good exercise.
    We got an electric mower 2 summers ago that runs on rechargeable batteries - so quiet and it starts with just the push of a button.

    that little chicken is so cute and looks perfect for your pretty home

  25. The chicken is adorable and such a deal! I can't even get a mug at our thrift store for under $4 so I don't even go in there anymore.
    I love to mow the yard and always have. I'll be mowing this weekend. I need to try the potato pot...thanks for reminding me! You make a great Mother hen to those chicks...they are growing so fast!
    Your flowers look can never have too many!

  26. I am forbidden to mow the lawn. Sheesh, ruin one brand new lawn mower and...

    I'm green with envy over your thrift store score. She's a beauty!

    You chicks are adorable! Tell your doubting friends to look up the different nutritional values of homegrown eggs vs. grocery store eggs on the Mother Earth News website. That ought to close their beaks.

  27. I love your wagon full of blooms! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!