Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunshine in the Kitchen

Our sunny weather has turned cold and windy today. It is dreary outside but my kitchen table is sunny with the help of daffodils from the yard and lemons from our tree.

The older I get the more I love yellow. I have always loved it and have had yellow rooms and even a yellow floral couch that my husband has never forgiven me for. He is tolerant of my tastes in decor but that couch pushed his limits. We lived with if for years so I guess it wasn't too bad.

These are the sweet gifts my blogging friends gave me Saturday for my birthday. Truly generous in spirit and friendship. I feel so blessed to have met these women through blogging.

They know me so well and chose things that I would have chose for myself. Thanks Shelly, Debbie and Patty.


  1. Sweet gifts. I agree , blogging friends really are the nicest people. The yellow is so cheery, especially on cold, windy day.

  2. You do such a good job with all your decorations and table settings. I'm so jealous you have lemon trees. I used too live in Central CA when I was a very young girl and absolutely loved it. I miss the fantastic weather and Palm trees. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. A lemon tree...oh that would be heavenly. That garden book looks interesting. They got you some red. I love yellow...you know the yellow house that is yellow inside and out.

  4. Love your pretty yellows. I love yellows too. Looks like you got a loot of birthday gifts from the girls. and a good time too. Enjoy.

  5. What great gifts. How sweet of your friends. I really like that apron! Great fabric.

    I like yellow more now than I use to. It's so cheery! Haing a lemon tree would be so nice!

  6. Cheery Daffy's and what a delight to have your own lemons!
    Sweet gifts from special friends!
    Happy belated Birthday!
    Thanks for dropping in today! I enjoyed our little visit!

  7. You have a lemon tree? You're killing me girl! I'm gonna go outside to my pinecone tree and do a cheery display! lol ~ Maureen

  8. The yellow is so cheerful, especially daffodil yellow! You got some great gifts. Is that a vintage book I see there?

  9. There are a lot of bloggers with birthday's in March, and it looks like you had a very good one.
    Your yellow daffodils and lemons are so pretty on the red tablecloth.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. I love yellow too! I love the sweet gifts, and that tablecloth...swoon!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Elaine! It was so nice of you to stop by my blog! I've been scrolling through your posts and we have a lot of similar decorating and collecting tastes! I have that little stove in my kitchen, a collection of graters on the wall, muffin tins and rolling pin collections. I love Maryjane Butters and yellow is fast becoming my favorite color too...but still love a splash of red!!
    I'll be checking back!

  12. Love the yellow! Is that an apron I see? Adorable!!!

  13. Yellow just seems to fit your sunny, sweet disposition.

  14. What great friends you have! I love how cheerful your daffodils and lemons look on your table. We have had some warmer weather the past few days. While I was out in our yard yesterday looking for signs of spring I saw the tips of what will be daffodils popping thru the earth. I can't wait!

  15. Love the daffodils and lemons-so cheery! My daffodils are just coming up around my tree-can wait to see them bloom.

  16. Aw. Those are such sweet gifts. :0)
    I love yellow too. Such a cheerful color.
    Have a lovely week. :0)

  17. Happy belated birthday! You're very spoiled! Lovely gifts!
    And overhere it's grey and rainy too, I'm longing for Spring and sunshine!
    Hugs, Elly

  18. Yellow is such a cheering springtime color - and daffodils are my very favorite flower. It's probably because they're the first ones I see after a long snow-filled winter. And lemon? I love lemon-almost-anything! :-)

  19. I just bought some yellow flowers the other day. So cheery!

    What neat gifts!


  20. Such sweet gifts...Happy belated birthday...blessings

  21. I agree, yellow is such a "happy" color...and Happy Belated Birthday!

  22. Happy belated b-day!
    It is so cool to "know"
    blogging friends before
    you ever meet for real,
    and often they know the
    gifts that will touch us
    more than our day to
    day pals. Love the idea
    of daffodils in March ~
    not happening here
    until the end of April!

    xx Suzanne

  23. So many pretty things--daffodils are one of my favorite flowers--they are so sunny and cheerful.

  24. I love the daffodils and lemons. Perfect combination. Hugs, Bonnie

  25. Those are YOUR flowers from YOUR garden???? and lemons from your tree????? Oh lucky YOU!

    Happy birthday! The little gardening tools tied to the small tin are just too cute! What wonderful birthday loot! Don't you just LOVE packages????

  26. Happy Birthday! Such sweet gifts from special friends!

    I do love touches of yellow and especially daffodils!



  27. I love yellow as well...it's so cheery looking! And what lovely gifts from your blogging friends! Nothing could be nicer.

  28. Our daffodils are just beginning to bloom...I can't wait...I have 3 different kind! It has been very cold and windy today...your table looks very cheery!

  29. Daffodils......so sunny, so simple, so very YOU.....



  30. I'm all about the yellow this year and couldn't agree more about the sunshine of it.

    You have some VERY sweet bloggy friends!

  31. Just the sight of the daffodils makes my heart sing and brightens my day.

  32. Daffodils are the perfect spring flower! They are one of my favorites!! How cute that your boggy friends sent you such a nice gift for your birthday! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday on my blog?

  33. What sweet gifts!! How nice to have a lemon tree!

    Have a wonderful weekend!