Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Breakdown of a Budget Chicken Coop

Here is where we ended. All that is left is the door and to carry in the hen house. Q thinks it is perfect for her. It is just under five feet so I will have to bend over in there but that is fine. We wanted to keep it below the wall.

Okay so far we spent $207 on supplies at Home Depot. We did not have a staple gun so we bought one and that is included. It was $30. We found out the wood we chose for the door was almost $50. Charged per foot and not what we thought so that will be returned and the door will be completed with the scrap wood. We are short some L brackets so minus those the cost will be reduced almost $50. The little hen house is a recycled cabinet and will be completed with all scrap supplies.

Look my potatoes sprouted. I really think they don't enough sun in this deep pot but I will carry it through and see what I get.

Had to throw in something pretty.

I am also trying an idea I got from Maureen at It's All Connected for growing celery from the bottoms of your store bought bunches. Just slice off the bottom about and inch up and put in a bit of water or like I did right into the ground. You can see it growing right there in the middle. Celery is on the list of the dirty dozen foods for pesticides so I would love to grow some of my own.

Our government is so hooked on alternatives to fossil fuels, well how about some alternatives to pesticides in our food. How about some subsidies to organic farming and more affordable availability to the consumer. Just some thoughts out loud.


  1. Elaine..
    The chicken coop/run turned out terrific. How fun!

    Good idea on the celery. As soon as our weather warms, I'd like to give that tip a try.

    I've been working on using more family/home friendly products.
    Weed spray, bug spray etc...

    Just think.. with the chickens you will now have organic fertilizer.

  2. Your coop is coming along! Enjoy your special weekend and happy times! Hugs! ♥

  3. Your chicken coop is certainly a more sensible size than mine! Isn't the celery the simplest thing ever to grow? I'm trying it with Romaine lettuce now. ~ Maureen

  4. Your chicken coop looks great. Love the celery tip!

  5. It is coming along nicely Elaine. It seems like there are always some costs associated with building something that we didn't figure in.
    About the high cost of organic foods...it is crazy. I saw that celery thing on Pinterest and will try it when I use up the head of celery I have.
    Have a great day!

  6. Your hens are going to have a wonderful home! And those potatoes are coming on a pace :o)
    I've seen the celery grown like that before, it seems to work well.
    Have a great Easter.
    Rose H

  7. i agree with the pesticide in our veggies & other food items. the things that is really grossing me out lately ... have you heard about the pink slime they are putting into the hamburger? are you kidding?? this is ridiculous!! what are they thinking? i want to become a veggie person for sure. but can not always find the best veggies around here in the winter. it is so tough! what is the person to do??! puts you in a state of frustration. your coop process is headed along just well. a family project... love it. (:

  8. That sweet little thing is just going to love running and chasing those baby chicks around. soooo cute.
    blessings to you

  9. Oh my... that's almost a chicken castle! Hope they will be satisfied and reward you with lots of eggs!
    Hugs, Elly

  10. That chicken coop is looking good!
    I love all the new and exciting ways of saving money that you are bringing us...Yeah!

  11. I'm with you girlfriend and I REALLY appreciate your breakdown of costs and how you used and re-purposed. I have a few blogs I visit and all they do is spend big bucks and take pictures of their remodels that they didn't even do themselves. That does not interest me at all. I could look at magazines and see that stuff but you are really frugal, smart and creative and I LOVE visiting your blog!
    Your little girl is so cute! What a sweetie pie and the coop looks great! The girls will love it I'm sure. And the celery idea....I am over the top on that and the onions...who knew! Thank you so much!

  12. The coop is looking great! I agree about the pesticides, no wonder cancer and other diseases are running amok. We plant our own garden, tomatoes, bell peppers, corn, cucumbers,string beans and watermelons. We also have our own fruit trees, peaches, pears, apples and plum in addition to pecan trees. Of course we have our own chickens which give us some wonderful eggs everyday. We have been making our own bread as well. But still there are things we buy from the grocery store and it is really scarey not knowing what you are putting in your body. These large corporations are all about profit and it is killing us! Planting your own food is hard work but so worth the effort. Even those without lots of land can garden in limited spaces. Please keep the great ideas coming!

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  14. Great chicken run! I know it can add up in cost though. Our daughter and her family have chickens too. That's wonderful about the celery! Unfortunately it gets to hot here for us to grow celery in our garden. But we do have peas,carrots,green beans,bell peppers, tomatoes, onions,cucumbers,zucchini and strawberries! xo

  15. That's an awfully cute chicken in that coop :)