Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blogging Goals - Family Time

One of my personal goals for blogging is to pull the posts I do on family and then have them printed up. I am going to do occaisonal posts under family time that will make it easier for me to find the posts in the future. You are so welcome to see what we are up to over here but since we spend a lot of our time on our blogs it is nice to know we will have something we can save and remember from our work.

So here is some family time from yesterday.

When your grandparents buy you a princess dress you have to wear it at your birthday party.

It was from Costco so if you need one for the princess in your life that is where they bought it.

I want to show you how my sister in law takes such care to wrap her gifts. She is a perfectionist and I am always in awe as my gifts are of the basic wrapping.

A tissue paper flower.

Such cute colors she puts together.

The hair band for the gift inside was the bow on this box.

Here's the moist mouth watering chicken. Leftovers for dinner tonight. Read about how we grill it.

Two worn out but happy parents. Two big parties in two weeks. We are so happy they went well but next weekend we can rest.

A little baseball in the front yard.

At her request, a Hello Kitty cake.

Butter cream frosting and candle light. What's more perfect than that?


  1. Lately my goal has been to find time to blog at all! I love the idea of pulling the family posts to keep in a book. You know you can find self publishing web sites that are very affordable that will pull the content right off your blog and make them into a hard cover book. That has been a dream of mine for a while now, to put each year of blogging into a book like that to keep. We spend a lot of time and a lot of energy blogging about our lives, I want a copy for myself and my kids to keep:>)

  2. oh my gosh what a beautiful family treasure you are creating, just beautiful.
    My goal was to make a book for our family but my blog crashed the other day so i had to begin again, so I suppose my goal is to try and live in the moment and just enjoy each day,

  3. My original goal was to make Big Money! Over the course of my first year blogging, I came to realize that I don't really want to put that kind of work into making money on my blog. So now my goal is simply to connect with other nice bloggers, to be inspired by artistic bloggers, then craft and sew and share what I'm making. Nothing too hard since I'm "elderly" - haha. Hugs ~ Mary

  4. Sounds like a busy few weeks...but such wonderful pics of a lovely day.

    I love her princess dress...don't you just want to be young again?

    My blogging goals, I am trying so hard to keep up reading, and commenting, there doesn't seem to be enough time.

    And then to come up with a interesting post for bloggers to read, so my goal is just to keep on moving forward.

    And read wonderful blogs.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. My goal has always been to create a daily "history" for my grandkids...something they can look back on and laugh about and say...remember when. I need to remember to save this over to a zip drive though so that it is never lost.

    I love your sweet little birthday girl. She is just darling...and love the fairy princess dress and the Hello Kitty cake. xo Diana

  6. What a cute picture of your daughter blowing out candles!

  7. The photo of your daughter in her princess dress is so adorable. She is too cute!! And what beautifully wrapped gifts. Now that's a talent!

  8. She is precious! I know you have been working so hard!!!
    Time for some rest.
    Love the picture of you and your husband!

  9. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I want to follow, do you have twitter or facebook??

    If you want some d├ęcor inspiration from Sweden, check out my blog:)

    Have an awesome week.

    LOVE Maria at

  10. Goals? What are goals? JK...I like your idea of family time. I think we all need ideas for the little things that make life good. Lovin' the Hello Kitty cake. That's my granddaughter's favorite and I think she may be getting a cake similar to this one. THAT may be my goal right now as her birthday is right around the corner.

  11. My goal is to make new friends that have common interests and to document my day to day life. I don't see many people or socialize much and I stay to myself most of the time so it's easy to start feeling like you don't matter to anyone but I know I matter to God and to myself and that's what counts. Blogging makes me feel like I am socializing and staying a part of things. It also allows me to visit places that I will probably never get to see in person so it's like "armchair travel" without the expense! LOL! I am going to publish it in book form once a year too. I do need to learn how to organize my posts into categories though for searching and interests.