Sunday, June 3, 2012

Days Spent in the Sunshine

We have had some wonderfully warm days this past week. Q has spent them in her swimsuit and paddling pool while chickens run amok.

Children are so funny. She is not in the least bit afraid of them. They follow her all the time because she is the bearer of snacks. Here she is sharing some tortilla with them. The little dog is hoping someone drops something.

The chickens have finally become brave enough to venture into the planters and scratch around in there. Petunias though are a favorite.

An evening run to get a smoothie and checking on the veggie garden.

I save seeds from all my flowers and these surprised me in the veggie garden. I bet some little one planted them.

Our first basket full was sort of sparse but I sauteed the baby zukes with the blue kale. So good.

After dinner the girls headed out back.

Blowing bubbles with big sis.

I love these days of more unstructured time. A swim at the grandparents or a trip for frozen yogurt. Just simple ways to beat the heat. What's your favorite summer past time?


  1. Wow you garden looks great! Think of the wonderful summer memories you are making for your daughters.

  2. Pretty girls and garden, and the chickens are enjoying life too.

  3. Love the garden, and the chickens are sure making themselves at home! Today a grand-peep Birthday Party, family and friends thats the best!

  4. Just like yours! a run to town for some ice cream, or a stroll around the gardens and a dip in the pool!
    whatever works to stay cool. Still haven't turned the A/C on yet, except in the bedroom at night-- or nap time for grand-daughter.


  5. Oh how it thrills me to my toes to see you loving your chickens like I do mine! And little Q with them is so precious! Yesterday, a friend of Eri's came over with her little girl, and she was so interested in the chickens too!!! The simple pleasures of summer are wonderful....I love it!!!
    You must come swim one day!!!

  6. What a wonderful post! Beautiful children, garden and so much love at your home!

  7. I can't believe how big the chicks have gotten. Q is so cute feeding them. Your garden is fabulous, looks amazing. So nice the girls have this time together. Fabulous memories. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your girls are so beautiful! And looks like your garden is doing great, so far. Another good, easy side dish to make with all that zucchini is to either slice it in rounds or cube it, and saute it with some fresh tomatoes, onion, and garlic.

    Loved seeing your chickens, too. I have a friend who lives in Chicago and her next-door neighbor has 3 chickens. It looks so "funny" to see chickens in the city, but these chickens are so friendly that they actually sit in the owner's lap! They also follow my friend's little boy all around.

  9. Your garden and girls are gorgeous! I decided not to garden this year as I am getting house ready for market and I have plenty to do with just the flowers. I am usually an avid gardener but want to get where I'm going and garden there.
    Q is so cute with those chickens and it's so nice to see little ones as where I live I rarely see any.
    Enjoy your summer and "beat the heat"!

  10. How cute is she feeding that chicken with her little pony tails..adorable. Sweet summer days ahead.
    blessings to you.

  11. Elaine, those pics a postcard perfect! I'm one for the simple things, too. ~ Maureen

  12. Good looking squash. I think reading in the shade in the hammock is my nerdy idea of fun.

  13. Your garden looks terrific! Love those sunflowers. :)

  14. I bet you did have some help with those flowers in your veggie garden. Looks great though! Q is adorable!

  15. You gardens looks wonderful but the best part is seeing the girls there and watching their actions and interactions. Beautiful post- xo Diana

  16. :D Princess Q is so cute!!! I have been making smoothies lately.

    I like to float on a noodle in the lake to beat the heat!