Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chicken Sitters

This is Flower Muffin. She is as big as her name. My Barred Rocks are huge. They grew so much while we were gone. 

Many of you asked who watched the girls while we were gone. I have to say it was a combined effort. My oldest daughter has a full time job and could not leave so she stayed here at the house. She had the early morning and late evening duties. She would open their house door and make sure they had food and water in the mornings.
I then hired the neighbor girl to take the mid-day chores. Because we use the two coops she would come and let them run around for a while and then put them in the big run with lots of water and food. I had frozen  ice blocks in case it was hot and she made a wading pool for them with ice and water to keep cool.
I also bought a flock block. This gigantic block of treats for them to peck at and keep boredom at bay.

They seemed to fare well. In the evenings the girls would be let out by my daughter to roam some more and then back into the small coop for the evening. I know it was sort of pain for my daughter as she is not as fond of them as I am but she did a great job and as she pulls out of the driveway in my car I remind her it pains me to pay for that car as well. Just kidding she did great but was glad to see the chicken mom come home. I have to day it was worth the money to hire the neighbor as she was able to cover when my daughter couldn't. Having pets takes care and planning and I felt better knowing she was around during the days to check on them.



  1. I was one of the curious ones... I am glad to see you had a good system and some responsible young ladies to do these chores for you.

    The flock block and the iced water/wading pool was a good idea too!

    hadn't thought of that.
    We've had rain the last 3 or 4 days in a row now...and my chickens have loved it! They take cover when it has been heavy rain...but for the showers they have been cooling down and strolling around the yard.
    In fact George got his crow on during one of the rains...
    It was like he was 'singing in the rain'...LOL.

  2. They sure have grown! They're being well fed! Enjoy your week!

  3. NOT fond of them -- silly girl :)

    Glad to hear they were well cared for while you were gone. Getting someone to care for your animals is a challenge when you want to travel.


  4. I've never seen a flock block around here -- I'll have to look for one. Maybe that ole standby, Amazon . . . .

    Once my girls started laying, I have always had no shortage of folks wanting to come out and take care of the chickens when we are out of town! The caretaker of the day gets any eggs and can harvest from my garden.

  5. Gosh...they have really grown. Simply adorable...Is it ok to be jealous? no chickens allowed in this city.

  6. you have such a wonderful chicken love you do, it makes me smile, you make my day.I think the concern and care you show your pets speaks volumes on your personality, you are a wonder.

  7. I remember growing up on the farm in KY. We lived on the farm with my Grandparents but Mom and Dad were not the farmers my Grandfather was. When he (Granddad) had a week off every summer we got the farmyard duties and we milked the cows, feed the cattle, and then later the pigs. Dad always took me with him to do these duties and I loved it! It is a whole different way of life taking care of the animals.

  8. I love your chickens! We had chickens once for a brief time, many years ago. I've always wanted to get some more but so far it's not happened yet.

  9. wow they are getting big, wat sweet girls. Have a great Tuesday!

  10. Wow you have beautiful chickens.. We have a bunch of chickens as well and a beautiful Rooster.. I just posted photos of them on my blog.. I have never heard of a flock block. Now I have to go to the local seed and feed and see if they have one.. I would love to have one of these for mine.. Thanks for sharing about this! :)

  11. I keep saying, "someday I'll have backyard chickens."
    But for now, I'll have to live vicariously through you!

  12. You are such a GOOD MOTHER - to humans and chickens! J

  13. Your girls are getting big. I am glad they had such good hands on care while you were gone. Blessings- xo Diana

  14. You were so blessed to have such great "Chicken Nannies" while you were on vacation, Elaine!!

  15. They are magnificent! Glad you had it covered for their care. I had my neighbors take care of mine, and then Erika came home early, and she took over. But she was afraid to go into the coop and retrieve the eggs, so I have a bunch in there, and one broke. There was ants all over it. I had to thoroughly clean it. One of the chickens laid this teeny tiny egg. Almost like a quail egg? SO weird. I think they were happy I was home!!!
    You should be getting eggs soon!
    XO Kris

  16. Une véritable et bonne organisation... Je trouve ingénieux ce bloc de nourriture... je connaissais ça pour les poissons dans les aquariums mais pas pour nos galinettes!

    Gros bisous.

  17. I bet you have the most spoiled chickens around! Sounds like you are having so much fun with them. I think it's neat!

  18. I wondered to who was on chicken duty. You had great help with the flock. They are looking so big and healthy. Will they start laying soon?
    Ladybug Cottage

  19. Hi Elaine,
    Love your Girls.
    I grew up with backyard chooks.My Dad raised his own chickens for eggs and for eating.He had a large vege garden as well. We were into being as self sufficient as possible. This was about 60+ years ago and times were tough.
    I like your little ladies and if I could have some now they would be my little pets.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  20. I've heard from some people that the flock block attracts mice and chipmunks. Have you had that problem?

  21. You're such a good "chicken Mom"! LOL! Did I miss it or are they laying eggs yet?