Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who Needs a Gym Membership?

With my new found time during the school days I have been trying to get some much needed deep cleaning done. My mop broke on me so I decided to give my kitchen floor a deep scrubbing on my hands and knees.
To save my knees I used a folded towel to kneel on. 

I also used a little bit of my homemade laundry stain remover diluted in hot water to scrub the floor and it worked awesome as it is a great degreaser.

This guy was a bit annoyed that the floor he walks on to get to his food was wet. So he waited watching me.

Still waiting.

All clean and shiny. It felt so good under my bare feet. But the whole point of this post is why would I ever need a gym membership when by the time I was done I had worked out my whole body and was good and sweaty and I am sure burned a few calories. So now I just need to do some deep scrubbing in areas of the house a few times a week and I will have a good workout and a clean house for free. Hmmm....

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  1. such a great idea. need to try that solution to clean in my house soon. cheaper than the gym for sure. ha. ha!!! (:

  2. Hi Elaine - I don't remember if I told you that I tried your homemade laundry detergent. I'm allergic to most laundry detergents. I only had one that I could use - a no-name cheap one. Then they stopped making it and replaced it with their store brand liquid. I tried buying a few "Natural" "Hypo-allergenic" very expensive ones and couldn't use any of them. I remembered your post and so as a last resort, I looked it up and went and bought the ingredients and put it together. You saved me! It is excellent, no rash, easy to make, and cheap cheap cheap! Thanks so much, J

  3. Good work out, clean house. It's a win win situation, well, except for the cat. Your floor looks beautiful.
    blessings to you.

  4. Ha, good way to workout, altho your cat was not happy. I going this morning to the health club to ride a stationary bike and then exercise in the pool; I do this twice a week. Your cleaning method is good too.

  5. Is that vinyl or laminate flooring? Just wondering, as I can never get my laminate quite clean...

  6. Elaine,

    I do that too...on my hands and knees...I call it "spot cleaning". I just don't mop that between I do just what you did!

    I'll be back later to link up my post to Sunny Simple Sunday!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. It's true, several of my friends have cleaning ladies, and not one of them is overweight! You inspired me today, for sure. xo

  8. Very good point.
    I don't think June Cleaver-- had a gym membership.

    or Laura Petry
    Or LUCY...
    or...Alice Kramden...

    All those ladies had nice hour glass figures and clean homes! Go figure.


  9. You should be glad you cat stayed there and watched. Mine gets right in there and smears her paw around in the water! It's funny but she does get in the way. ~ Maureen

  10. I am laughing because I am on the computer for a's early sunday morning and I've been outside trimming bushes and vines, just had a workout with that and am sweaty to boot :) So I can certainly relate to your post!

  11. On your hands and knees? I am very impressed!

  12. Haha simple but effective-I'm always down to save money and get a workout in!

  13. Hi Elaine!
    I am convinced that you have more energy than two of me! Your floors look sparkling clean.
    Carolynn :)