Friday, October 26, 2012


I am popping in quick as I am not sure how much time or energy I will have later on today. I have a hundred and one things to do today and being sick has put me behind. I am off for a big grocery shop. It is seriously bare cupboards time around here. We have my Sister In Law's big Halloween party tomorrow night. I will show you some pics afterwards. She changes things up every year. She is a wonder.
It is eighties themed but you will laugh when you see my costume and hubbies. This is the lowest I have spent on a costume yet. $4 to finish it off. 

At last year's party we were Star Trekkies. Hubby's idea. Here is showing how he really felt about me.

Wait till you see how he feels about me this year. I am sensing a disturbing theme. Just kidding. You know he  can't live without me or he would have run away a long time ago.

In regards to yesterday's post, you all make me want to hug you. Thanks for such kind words, I was not trying to elicit such sweet comments but you all are just too kind. Thanks!! I see how I am plucking along may be just how it should be. I will continue to share my money saving strategies with a mix of life thrown in.

It looks to be a whirlwind weekend of cooking, party fun and then up early to work with the two year olds in the nursery at church on Sunday. If I think too hard about it all my head hurts. Okay, off and running.


  1. You too look like you have so much fun together! I envy you that.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Good luck with everything coming up this weekend :)

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend, too bad you are feeling poorly. Enjoy
    blessings to you.

  4. Hi Elaine!
    What fun...You and your hubby look so happy together. I know you will have fun at your SIL's party.
    Oh...You are a brave soul volunteering in the church nursery! My hubby and I volunteered together with the two years olds nursery class and when it was all over we went home and fell into bed. We slept for three hours!
    Blessings, my friend!
    Carolynn xo

  5. Elaine, hope you are feeling better real soon and back to your busy self. Hope you feel well enough to enjoy the party.


  6. I hope you are feeling better!!! How is Q? Sounds like a busy and fun filled weekend! Enjoy, and rest up in between all of the fun.
    XO Kris

  7. Try to get some rest in there with all that running around. Sounds like a fun time!

  8. Please feel better soon. I can't wait to see your costumes!

  9. 80's theme sounds like soooooo much fun! We aren't dressing up or going to any parties this year. It is a horse show weekend!


  10. Hopefully, you had a lot of fun Friday night. Regula