Monday, November 26, 2012

Organized Baking

I have a daughter who is blessed with an organized mind. I strive for it but let's just say I have had to teach myself how to function in an organized manner. Some folks are lucky enough to be born with the gift. I love to watch her bake.

Whatever is on the menu, she always makes sure the kitchen is cleaned of all dirty dishes and then gets out everything she needs for the recipe.

As she uses each item she will put them away. No big mess when she's done.

She even manages to keep things tidy with a little taste tester in her way.

Down to how she stores the cookies when they are done, she moves in such an organized fashion. I am jealous but I am also always watching her and other very organized people I know. Watching how they do things can teach us less organized folk how to accomplish tasks in a better way.


  1. Those are the sweetest pictures ever!!!! I am that way too. I clean first, and then work, and then clean again. But I don't stack my cookies so neatly!!!
    I am the same way in the sewing room. I have to clean it first, then sew.

  2. so cute. i love it!! family cooking fun!! ( :

  3. Awww, cute photos! I am like your daughter with my baking. Everything has to be clean before I start, and I put up each ingredient after I use it. I'm a little obsessive about it haha.

  4. Good for her. I do much the same. Really because I have no counter space and must have room to move. I am not that organized.

  5. Are those chocolate chips? That's my all time fav cookie. Your girls are adorable and I like how the one is wearing an apron. My daughter and I are on an apron kick and both just bought Christmas ones from Good Will.

  6. What a darling post, Elaine! You are so blessed to have your sweet girlies there in your kitchen. What an amazing daughter and baker she is with her neatness and incredible organizational skills. Your little Q is a lovable as can be and an incredibly helpful taster!

    I am the mother of two boys and when my youngest was in the kitchen....the flour did fly and the sink got full of pots, pans, dishes...(you name it!) Am I complaining? No. The outcome was always a tasty batch of cinnamon rolls that Tim learned to make in Home Ec (yes, he took H.Ec so he could be close to the girls).

    Congratulations on being featured on Brenda's beautiful blog. Your crockery filled with rolling pins is charming and so filled with hominess.

    Have a blessed week, my sweet friend,
    Carolynn xoxo

  7. You are so lucky to have a neat and organized daughter. My three sons were such messy cooks. But I didn't mind, memories were being made:)

  8. What recipe does she use for chocolate chip cookies? I'm always looking for a good one~~

  9. I like seeing those pics of your daughters together in the kitchen--so sweet!! The cookies look delicious, too! I've found I'm an organized a fault sometimes. I need to not let the flour mess get to me so, hehe!
    Christmas Blessings,