Saturday, December 29, 2012

On a Chilly December Day


From our neck of the woods where it is chilly and rainy again. The hens are tucked up dry out of the rain.

A real hot cocoa kind of day.

I think I will take the tree down today but the snowmen wintry scenes will stay up through the first.

See you later today for Sunny Simple Sundays.


  1. It is cold, rainy, and windy here too. I am having chai latte and the pets are asleep all around me. Your kiddo is too cute.

  2. I'm not sure where you are, but it is very windy and cold and cloudy here, too (in Georgia). How adorable your little one is, looks like she's yelling yoo-hoo, perhaps to her chicken friends?:) You chicken coop is the cutest I've ever seen, especially with it's own pretty Christmas lights! Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  3. Would you like some snow? LOL....we got over 4 inches last night, and that's added to the other huge amount we have...

    Actually it's kind of beautiful.

    All wintery white, and definitely makes me crave hot chocolate.

    Stay warm and dry.


  4. It's been chilly here too. Took the tree down yesterday and I feel like decorating for spring. That can't be right.

  5. Your daughter is adorable, Elaine!
    Hot chocolate sounds very good at this moment - we have sunshine,
    But it is very cold and the wind is fierce!!

  6. I do that as well! :) Leave the snowmen ( some of them at least ) up for awhile

  7. How many hens do you have? I think your hen house is adorable.. Honestly? I would just love to tour your entire home one day Im sure I'd fall inlove with all of it. I LOVE your decorating style.. You're so talented!