Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I think my favorite part of Valentine's day beside RED is all the hearts.

I have a love affair with them and that could be why I have several sets of heart shaped bowls. When I see them I have to buy them. I need to share them. I don't think I ever have.

Even the front room has some hearts.


  1. I love hearts too. They are so much fun to have around. Hearts make you feel better.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  2. I love your red!!!

    Did you paint the book rest red or buy it that way? I'd love to do that for my sweetheart kitchen.

    I'd be honored if you could take a look at my blog. I've just begun but have a ways to go! If you click on sweetheart kitchen under labels you can see.


  3. I love hearts too. I unconciously drift towards them in shops - and if they come with polka dots, well that's double bonus. xx

  4. Hearts are fun to collect. I especially like the open wooden one with the candle on the hutch, Very pretty, and the basket, too. xo

  5. Goodness, I really need to start decorating for Valentine's Day this week. I took down Christmas, and our house looks so sad and bare....
    I agree...love the reds of the season!
    Your Valentine's Decor looks great, Elaine.


  6. I love all your hearts, the one with the candle on top of the hutch is awesome! This is another good time of year for us red lovers! Mary

  7. I love hearts too. I collect heart rocks!
    I lost a hen yesterday. It was awful! I heard a loud sound, almost like when they lay eggs, but it kept going. I went out to investigate, and found nothing but piles and piles of feathers! No blood. So I think it was a hawk. It was my smallest one..Beatrice. She was a leghorn. Layed white eggs. I am sad.
    : (

  8. Loving all the red this time of year too. So bright and cheery. I don't want to live in a house that doesn't have some red in it.

  9. Love your red hearts!! Everything looks so sweet. Love the heart with the candle. I do nothing!! for Valentines! It's sad, but I'm still unpacking, maybe next year.

  10. Next to stars my favorite shape...

    Love the little touches of warmth in your house.


  11. So pretty, so red and so sweet!


  12. Aw, I like all the hearts! And I really like those red dotted bowls. Beautiful. :-)

  13. Enjoyed browsing how you displayed your cutie pie Valentine decorations. Check out my Key To Your Heart Pillow over at my "royal blog"...Thanx for sharing, Tiff

  14. You are a romantic - and I love your hearts! Is that a sweet little toy stove on top of your dresser? So cute!

  15. My favorite is the felt polka-dot heart on the wire hanger. Did you make that? So simple and sweet! Thanks for sharing.