Saturday, February 9, 2013

What to Buy This Week, Frugal Challenge - Grocery Spending Update

Grocery shopping for last week. What a haul right? I spent just over $180 at three stores. Stocked up on many condiments and meat as well as snacks. We did use a lot of the snacks on SuperBowl Sunday as my kids had friends over and raided some of my stash. That is what it is for but as well it does not save me money to have a lot of it ate in one day. I shall build a bridge and get over it. They had a good time and were home and safe. However, I will keep more of the snack stash in a bin under my bed. They have yet to discover that spot.

Because I spent over my allotted amount last week, I am only picking up milk, veggies and fruit and dog food this week plus any good stock up deals I see while out. Gas is climbing high here so I have to be vigilant about my driving. All shopping must be done on the way to pick up or drop off kids so I do not pull the car out for an extra trip. To follow up, I did start stashing some goodies in my closet if you can believe it. I had a shelf that was empty in there so I will keep the tastiest treats in there that I stockpile.

So here I am a few days later. Spent $71 so far this week. It is canned food month so you will see lots of canned goods at good stock up prices. Figure what you will need for months or even a year and stock up. I am trying to grab as much as I can while staying in my budget. I do need to run to Target today for some over the counter meds. If you want to have a little one sick all the time, put them in preschool. I am over it!

So this is a good week to stock up on:
Canned goods
I did not see huge deals this week but some things I bought were dog food at good prices, baking supplies seemed to be on sale at a few stores. I bought bread flour and regular flour.
We tried corn 4/$1. It was what we call "horse corn" so the chickens got the leftovers. Too early.
Strawberries are on sale here.

Also February is a good month to buy linens. The best sales of the year on towels should be this month. I always buy kitchen and bath towels this month. I only buy white bath towels any longer. Between teens with make-up and acne medication, my towels would get ruined. Now they all can be bleached and they don't get  unsightly.

Am I focusing on money matters too much? If this all bores you, let me know. I am fascinated by it and love to read other frugality blogs so that is what I am drawn to.


  1. Elaine, I don't think you're focusing on saving money/matters too much at all! I really appreciate seeing how you manage to spend wisely. I'm still learning our to do this "home thing" by being smart with my spending but having everything we need. I've really utilized the Big Lots that's very close to our home, and actually found some very nice brands of baked good, etc. there that I otherwise couldn't afford. Also, I'm buying meat almost only when it's on sale and freezing the extra. I've learned that rice, pasta, (starches)although I don't need to eat too much, can double the portion of food when added to almost anything. And they are rather inexpensive!! I just can't wait till the weather get warm enough here to start having really fresh produce again.

    I love your advice! Keep it up, but of course I always enjoy seeing your pretty home, too. :)

  2. No we're not bored, I need this information desperately as I spend 2013 learning how to shop the way you do. Please keep the info coming, I'm going out today to stock up on canned goods!

    Thanks so much,

  3. Morning Elaine,
    No, I love all your tips, I am with you....why spend more than you have to, I would rather use it to buy something pretty or do something fun.
    As well, as that is just good ole stewardship of your money. So thanks for sharing. Cause sometimes just picking up one tip can save you quite a bit of $$. Our grocery store runs a buy 1 get 1 free thing starting every thursday and I stock up when they have things I use, and sometimes if it is too much for me, I buy it anyway and give the extra to my grown kids, like this week I bought dogfood for our
    lil grandaughter dog, lol, kept a bag and gave the other one to her MOM!! lol Doesn't cost me anything but helps them.
    Also they just put a Dollar tree store next door to our Publix, so I was taking a meal to someone and didn't want her to have to worry about returning dishes and stuff so wanted to buy some plastic or Alum.
    pans, so went to Dollar tree first
    and they had what I needed and went to Publix shopping but checked prices and saved $4.10 by getting the containers in the dollar store,
    so that is gonna be a real handy
    place I can see.

    Have a great weekend hon,
    Blessings, nellie

  4. Please keep talking about being frugal. It really helps me to stay focused and move forward. I have always loved talking about it but I find some people I know don't. So your blog is my "go to" and I'm enjoying it so much. Thank You!

  5. I never tire of learning new money saving ideas!
    I think most of us are looking for ways to save in this economy. Seems like every time I go to the store prices have increased.
    Keep those tips coming!

  6. Echoes from the Hill you are so right. It does seem grocery prices are rising ever time you shop. Scary!!

  7. No! I love your frugal tips!! I think more & more people are looking for ways to reduce expenses and save money with the way our economy is. Times are tough for many. I read alot of frugal blogs but have not seen any that share what to buy this week/month, so THANK YOU! :)

  8. I'm a long time thrifty shopper (having come of age during the recessionary 1970's) -- but I very much appreciate your tips and tip-offs! I'll be looking for canned goods this month, thanks to your tip.

    I shifted to all white bath towels a number of years ago for the same reason -- with 4 girls, that makeup and acne meds really do a number on the towels, as you said! And I'm resigned to probably having to replace the sinks in their bathroom when the last one moves out.

    Anyway, love your series -- keep it coming!

  9. Elaine, I am loving your frugal tips, and comparing them to our Canadian stores....

    Unfortunately for us, lol, you are still coming out ahead...

    I've switched to white towels also...shame to have those faded colored ones. And I have purchased a few of the special weave that dries faster in the dryer...they are wonderful. Saves electricity.

    Love that you hide your stash under the bed...if they read your blog now they know.


  10. Elaine this is information we all need! Whether you have a family like you or are retired like me and on a fixed income, we all need to be frugal!

  11. Not bored at all, Elaine. I need to be a lot thriftier this year.

  12. I think it's great! I love seeing your tips! By the way...I had Lucie make pizza the other night. I even took pictures. I am not quite as good as you though...we just bought Pillsbury dough, but it's a start. I was thinking the whole time this is easy. I should do the dough from scratch like Elaine! So thanks!!!

  13. I love your tips, any money saving is a good thing in this day and age. Take care. Chel

  14. I appreciate any frugal tips I can get!

  15. I love the mix of everything on your blog. Keep it up. I agree, light coloured towels that can be bleached are the best, otherwise even hubby gets dirt/grease on them without thinking. That or very dark towels that you couldn't possibly see a stain on (we have some old dark blue towels that I use when I am dying my hair). Cheers!

  16. I like all your tips too...although I have been thrifty for years...of course I am much older than you! I have only used white towels in the bath for years...I found some great ones on sale that dry faster...they feel nice too! One way we started saving recently is buying bread from the bakery section of the grocery and having it sliced...for one...its fresher...and its way cheaper...a loaf of sour dough sliced is less than $2...almost $4 if you buy it pre sliced...we don't use enough to go to the bread store...but we used to do that too! Have a great weekend!

  17. I find it interesting! : ) I am alone now but I still cook for family on the weekends, pick up fruit on sale and drop off at my sons for the I just got back from a run to the mission store where I picked up two easter rabbits ( HIGH quality ) two St Pat's hats and about 4 outfits for each child, all for 28.00 . The parents don't live together and us grands do babysitting...someone always needs a spare set of clothes or two at their house for these children. Now, I am also inclined to pick up something really NICE for them at Target or Kohls on occasion but what I got today ? Was GAP and Adidas clothes! :)
    My son, moving back into his house ( after the mama found a place ) got a table and chairs and two dressers at the same mission store. Then LEVIN furniture had a big sale and he picked up mattresses for the kids, a couch, a recliner, coffee table, side tables and bed frame for 1400.00 / It's all about sales for us this month! :) By the way I also ordered that learn to read book that you mentioned on the other blog you are starting.....When my little grandson is going on four this summer I think I'll use it a little bit with him :)
    When my boys were growing up aside from odd jobs or part time jobs here and there I was home with them ( their dad worked shifts ) and it was always pinching pennies, home made foods and breads etc, garden produce and canning, the whole nine yards

  18. I love reading all of these tips! It makes me crazy to have to pick up something at the store that I know I'm paying too much for. I do justify expenses sometimes because we never eat out, but still, I prefer to keep as much of our $$ as possible! Like you I also try to do errands in one round trip so I'm not wasting gas. My hubby is in sales so he wastes enough gas for all of us, running around to take care of clients :) I laughed so hard at your tip of hiding food under the bed, that's a good one for me because we don't have a pantry! Great post today Elaine!

  19. I am thrilled that an Aldi's opened here last week. They sent out a five dollar coupon for use with a thirty dollar purchase. I had trouble getting to thirty dollars the prices were so low. I bought mostly fruit and vegetables. The milk is better priced than Costco. I am going to save money at this store.

  20. Our 'affiliated' type grocer had 4/lbs of SUGAR on sale for $1.99 No Limit.
    I went with my daughter today-- and bought 4 bags! It's the best price I've seen since before the holidays.

    I don't think you're focusing too much on money matters... I enjoy reading all about it and learning from others.

    I'm focused on it too.


  21. We are putting every effort into living frugally due to the economy. The price of everything is going up and it doesn't look like it will go down.

    I love to tackle organizing as frugal as possible. It's difficult for me to read blogs on organizing that spend a ton of money on organizing~ I just dont have hundreds of dollars to do that with albeit I'd love it. I think streamlining, decluttering and organizing should help us run our homes more streamlined and efficient and help us save money as well.

    I'd love to hear more about things like this so keep it coming.

  22. Believe me Elaine when I say that you could never bore me. Money is a big part of everything we do. I loved reading your post.

    You havce to love the canned food prices this month. I am stocking.